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Author Topic: Equal Pay/Leigh Day /Tom Hewitt/  (Read 162531 times)


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Re: Equal Pay/Leigh Day /Tom Hewitt/
« Reply #825 on: 09-06-21, 09:00AM »
or working on nights with some management that don't know how to keep their nose out... stop for 2 seconds to do something "why you doing that", check delivery timer - "why you on your phone", not as much as distribution with a strap on you sure but we just get it from them without the need of a band on our arms lol. its verbal :P


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Re: Equal Pay/Leigh Day /Tom Hewitt/
« Reply #826 on: 09-06-21, 09:14AM »
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Totally agree! I think prison is a better place to be than Tesco nights. Regularly Magor DC staff would work in our store during heavy snow, let's just say they were surprisingly slow and couldn't believe how hard store night staff work for so little pay in comparison!

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Re: Equal Pay/Leigh Day /Tom Hewitt/
« Reply #827 on: 11-06-21, 07:08AM »
All distribution centres are struggling to recruit now, I've heard that there are way more leaving  than applications.

Been told that something like 80 from avonmouth moved to lidl to get 2 pound more. Another pay war between warehouses to keep employees in.


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Re: Equal Pay/Leigh Day /Tom Hewitt/
« Reply #828 on: 11-06-21, 11:26AM »

Some interesting snippets.

“Managers were expected to work all hours with no overtime. In theory, we could have raised both issues with Usdaw, the workers union, but we all knew it was about as much use back then as a wet paper bag.”

She escalated the case with unions but this also fell through.

“In the 1990s, we were able to vote on pay rises. But then the union did a deal with Tesco and all votes on pay rises stopped.

“It was a prime example of the union benefiting the company rather than the workers they represented.”

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