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30-06-22, 04:59PM

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New contract concerns

Started by Paper Rose, 26-05-22, 10:39AM

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@Redshoes, your reply is giving the indication that the 2005 agreement now no longer stands due to software update and card only checkouts. As a front end manager can you please clarify  ???

Unless the new contract specifically states the 2005 agreement is no longer, then it remains the status quo, until such a time as it's put in writing.

We always had managers who tried to push people into training on checkouts stating it's changing...answer was always to get  back to them when it did, and in writing please!
Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


Yeah from what our union reps said too, is that 2005 checkout still stands, however self serve and scan as you shop aren't covered since they were introduced after and "dont handle money" (even though you spend more time handling on there fixing issues on machines)

So reality is someone needs to challenge that cash handling loophole 😂


I don't recall the cash handling being a reason. I think this is something that has become a common misunderstanding over the years, but now being utilised as a reason to push through the training of colleagues on card only checkouts. When cheque payments were discontinued, the agreement still stood as a MANNED checkout is still a MANNED checkout regardless of payment!

The agreement was because, at the time, shop floor colleagues were on a lower pay band than checkout colleagues, and had to complete a ?30? minute stint to receive the higher rate for the time they were on. It caused a lot of confusion for the wage clerk and often resulted in non payments, causing friction and arguments! Also some checkout managers would manipulate it and take them off before the full stint of their sign on was reached, only to call them back within a few minutes! Hence the 2005 agreement was put in place!

The self serve and scan as you shop areas were not in common use when the agreement was made, so were not recognised for the agreement, same for .com.
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The 2005 agreement still stands for those that do not want to be trained on a manned checkout, however they will have to be trained on self-service instead(unless they have a very good reason not to be)!
However if the choice is mainbank or self-service I know which one I would choose.
Mainbank- 1 customer at a time.
Self-service- No official limit on how many you can look after.

As for the Card only tills, it may still be a trial up in Scotland, however a lot of English stores have had them removed this year and Cash/Card reinstalled instead, due to the stores having some mainbank removed and more self-service installed!


Self service used to have a limit per colleague, my hazy recollection being between 4-6 depending on time of day  ??? Unless USDAW have sold them down the river  ???  A quick question to your rep or call to your area office should clarify this, though personally I would suggest the latter, as some reps aren't up to date and rather than say, " I unsure, but I'll email my area rep and get back to you as soon as I get an answer" they'll just say no limit :-X

To be fair, my area rep would give me the answer by return  :thumbup:
Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


Quote from: Morris999 on 26-05-22, 12:10PMYou do not need to sign a new contract as the fantastic union have agreed that you do not need to and the new contract will automatically apply from October!!

This is not correct, it has nothing to do with the union re signing a contract. If you look into it simply turning up for the next shift once the new contract goes into effect is you essentially agreeing to it.


Tesco are recruiting for more staff in Uddingston £4 an hour. 


There is not an official brief saying card only main bank tills should be used by those who were pre 2005. The however is that why were colleagues exempt. If fear of handling money then these tills could be the answer. If I was given the choice a main bank card only till is a much easier option than self service or scan as you shop. There is a much higher skill level required for these tills but it's mostly just down to experience.
The main bank card only tills trial ended. This is trial two. In trial one the operators were just told card only and signs up for customers but payment was physically not blocked so cash payments were processed. This trial is prevents cash being taken, it's the same update as on the card only tills at self service that prevent cash payments. I don't know that it's a Scottish trial. I just know of one store in my group that is trialing it, there could be more. I have no idea.


If you're a pre 2005 colleague then the agreement stands regardless.
If a post 2005 colleague has an exempt agreement due to cash handling, then the card only main banks should override this agreement, however, if as Morris999 has stated, the card only main banks have reverted back to a cash payment option also, then the colleagues original agreement should be reverted back, and noted in writing beforehand!
Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


Quote from: lucgeo on 22-06-22, 07:09AM@Redshoes, your reply is giving the indication that the 2005 agreement now no longer stands due to software update and card only checkouts. As a front end manager can you please clarify  ???

Unless the new contract specifically states the 2005 agreement is no longer, then it remains the status quo, until such a time as it's put in writing.

We always had managers who tried to push people into training on checkouts stating it's changing...answer was always to get  back to them when it did, and in writing please!

The 2005 agreement states;

Tesco and Usdaw agreed at the 2005 pay review to close the pay gap between Grade B and Grade C but it was made clear that the two roles remained two separate jobs.
Therefore, there are two very distinct and different roles which are paid at grade C, although this varies in Express and Metro stores.
While the Union understands the business may want to encourage staff who were Grade B at the time of the 2005 pay review to consider training for and taking on checkout duties, taking on these additional responsibilities is optional.
Such staff may be encouraged but not COMPELLED to take on CHECKOUTS duties.
There may be occasions when any member of staff may be required to help in other departments such as shop floor and dot com.

That is pretty clear it does not distinguish between what checkouts you need to go on OR NOT and that it is your choice not the managers.


Well there's the answer in print... 8-)

Self serve and scan as you shop are defined as coming under the checkouts department, as a customer is using both to "CHECKOUT" their purchases. A colleague can and should site the above as a reason not to be trained do either, until the manager can show in writing where the self serve and scan as you shop are exempt, rather than the  word of mouth that is now commonly used

I must admit, even as a rep, that section of the agreement passed me by! USDAW should be encouraged to use one of their monthly papers to update reps on agreements still live...manning of checkouts, ratio of self serve checkouts per colleague, drinks and breaks in hot/cold weather, minimum working temperature etc.
Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


From these new contracts with having to learn multiple departments, a wage increase that is WAY under the cost of inflation ... does anyone else look at the RMT and think we're being screwed by our own union?
Like, 1) the union NEVER asks its members whether they agree to changes
2) were never consulted for wage increases etc
3) each increase gets something else taken from us while the company makes billions and the higher ups get millions and added bonuses
USDAW is terrible and in the pocket of the company itself ... we need a new union


every word you say is absolutely true. by being a member of usdaw you're literally throwing your money away. they're a waste of time and money for store staff >:(


Pay increases for shop floor workers track the minimum wage now - 10p p/h difference at the moment. So next time Tesco tell you how fortunate you are to benefit from their generosity, just remember why you're getting it.   

Mr Brightside 24

Does anyone have an actual link or anything in print regarding the 2005 agreement?


This is the problem why union can do such a thing, e.g. removing yearly bonus so we can have 5p above minimum wage, even that is lower than real minimum wage.

As long as many people still pay for union subs, that mean we trust them and they can do whatever they want, because all the agreement are justified by people keep paying for them.
People need to stop paying union if they dont agree with how they make agreement for us. As simple as that. Vote with stop paying for the memberships.


Quote from: Mr Brightside 24 on 24-06-22, 08:29AMDoes anyone have an actual link or anything in print regarding the 2005 agreement?

No but new guidelines say colleagues covered under the 2005 agreement can be encouraged but not forced to go on checkouts. It does however say that if checkouts are under pressure you may need to cover another role on the shop floor to support another colleague who in turn is able to support checkouts.


@Mr Brightside 24

Go up 5 posts to #109 post from Batmanjo and there's the print of the agreement  8-)

It's always was ( at least in my store ) that pre 2005 automatically went to support another dept whilst they went on checkouts, it went as far as to pairing  colleagues for their shifts. It worked well until...there was hardly any shop floor colleagues left  :o
This led to fresh becoming ring fenced from answering the calls, as there were no other colleagues to take over  :o
The ambient staff were already on the checkouts most of their shift anyway, so who do you call...the stockies  >:(  to catch up on the work the rest of the shop floor haven't been able to complete, put their stock out, tag the high value, so it doesn't create book stocks/shrink, find and fill their gaps, attend every all hands to catch up and rumble!! Oh and make sure you complete your own routines in the allocated times and windows  :-X
Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


Hence the move towards more people being able to do more things. It's a matter of balance. No dept should be ring fenced but the expectations of what we can do are high. I get that, it's part of my world too. There are times that checkouts will fail IDQ or the new wait time. Sometimes we just have to accept that but it's actually a very fine balance to deliver.
Customers don't just come in to buy milk and cold meats. They want beans and rice too. They also want to pay for their items as quickly and easily as possible. 
I have skill areas that need filling but I can't just put anyone to PFS or on CSD but then I don't have the hours to train them either. This week I have had a whole host of people go sick. Skills that are difficult to replace. It's Covid, has hit us hard. I have CSD and PFS to fill. Nobody in cash office and change run is still and issue for next week but I'm filling fresh or grocery. I cover as many checkout shouts as I can myself. If not duty I help cover breaks and even shifts at PFS and on CSD. If checkouts not filled it impacts the whole store but Covid is circulating round at an alarming rate. We are down to covering areas in patches of an hour. This is part of my job, I am not complaining. I am just explaining. I am pulled in every way possible but for me my day goes by so fast and is interesting as it's challenging.
I'm just tired of all the in fighting. We all have to deliver our roles. We just need to adapt and help each other when something happens that has a huge impact on one area of the store.


I have checkout colleagues that can only do checkouts and have only ever done checkouts. I have had zero concerns. They are not filled with joy about it but some have just said they can't fill the heavy aisles, which is fine.
I also have checkout colleagues that can cover a shift on the CSD and in PFS. They can also do change run and run the back of checkouts, one or two can help in cash office too. They now need to learn to pick and fill and I have had zero concerns from any. The reality is that they are probably too valuable at front end.
The pfs are self sufficient anyway. They do fill, they do serve and they do PI and stock control too. They probably won't be able to be spared to pick as this would mean nobody at pfs. The only overlap they have is to get all the routines done. Pfs would have to close for them to work in store.
The desk don't mind either, they fill the flowers daily anyway and they used to help fresh when dual manned. They just can't now as mostly single manned.
Trolleys serve on tills and rumble both fresh and grocery. They really don't have enough hours to do much else. Not sure they will cope with pick but nobody has said it's an issue.


How glad I am that we don't have dot com!! :D


Well, all we can do is wait! When it starts in October, then I guess you will see how it is working or not! But and there is always a But! Example; Stock Control, you take them off, to help say check out, dot com, CSD, PFS, Filling etc. They go back to try and catch up with their routines, counts, elgals, etc, then pulled off yet again..... and we continue! Consequence Stock Control does not or unable to complete there work. Is The Manager then going to rant at the stock control!
Me personally, id write it all down in a diary! If a manager starts ranting at me, id politely tell them not to and walk away. If they call you in for a Lets talk about why counts or routines not done, Id pull out my diary and real off what my shift consisted of  and politely ask the manager to show, explain where in this day could I actually fulfil my job.
Gosh that was an awful lot to say out loud!


Surely as a company they should ring fence stock control now, it is a customer service with gaps, availability, I have little confidence in our new stock controllers as they never picked fresh gaps, never counted accurately or did osi properly on fresh, non food, now they're on grocery, but hey ho what's the worst that could happen, too much stock?


They've just massively cut hours in stock control again stop kidding yourselves it's in the customers interest any stock controllers now shouldn't be giving a flying ferret.....gaps,overstocks it's their future they want it they can have it,key is giving people time to do their job properly and that certainly doesn't fit in with rinsing your staff to do as much as possible.


Yep, some of ours are just book stocking 50% of the counts now coz no-one can be arsed. Not all of them to not make it too obvious.

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