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03-07-22, 08:36AM

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Stock control

Started by Qwsaedfr, 01-06-19, 12:42PM

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Last time I did low lines on grocery was prior to WK12, so although they can help, it's not the be all and end all; my store green/blue each day

Store needs replenished accurately, gaps completed and low lines of time time, which we never do anymore due resourcing 


Pretty sure it's the produce daily low line and star lines that will effect your stores availability should be in the brief.  No time to do lows anywhere else.  DJL is spot on with the replenishment side of it but you would think filling a shelf is rocket science for some people.


Stores with nightshift lose so many sales during the day. The dayshift should be filling too. Some customers risk H&S by taking cases from the top shelf because the assistants can't keep on top of the work.


Good point if there were any day staff and that wasn't a dig at nights by the way.  We've a twilight fill mainly students who couldn't careless.  No point trying to cling onto things of old this is a new era of who gives a f***.


Quote from: TheAnonymousWorker on 07-08-19, 03:03PM
This week? With two of us in 6-2. OSI in the mornings goes to 10am and sometimes after. Getting hammered because the stores availability is s*** and apparently its our fault as we havent been doing low lines. One of us do Grocery gaps, other fresh gaps then counts. Then the Grocery gaps person jumps over to counts too. 535s not getting completed. Checkout service calls constant. Really losing the head now, keep getting told i'm "making excuses" when the jobs not done, nothing to do with large levels of stock decked and dropping time to checkouts. The attitude I get from managers as well when I hand over that SC counts aren't finished is shocking too.

Oh the "I don't want to hear excuses" old chestnut! My answer was always..." It's not an excuse, it's an explanation, if you don't want to hear the answer then don't ask the question!!"

Make a note of every minute you are away from your department, answering a checkout call, assisting a customer or requested to assist another department. Then ask to see your job description, time allocation and where it incorporates for the above. Then if their insistence is that you have the time, ask for a capability study!!
Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


Just to add to this where's your manager.


Probably sitting in the confidential. Now to be fair this week my TM has helped, but the last 4 weeks the support from the TM was scarce.


Our TM is always off sick don't know how many times they've played the sore back excuse.  They wouldnt even think of coming to work and going on self scans while the regular checkout staff helps filling.


Obviously a pretty poor TM then, don't paint us all with that brush though! As a few have said, and I can also say in my years with the firm, most TM's are utterly useless; no people skills, no technical skills just 'yes' men & women who toe the line, however, I can honestly say that I would never leave any of my team members feeling the way you guys are feeling!  I would do all SC Routines alongside them, every single day, from OSI to date scanning to 142 Counts, I also tell the CO's to do one each time a look comes my way for support!

You need to be chatting to your TM, have an open conversation with them and if they can't support you, then you know they are a 'yes' person; so this means you can only do what you can do in the time allocated to you! It's not your accountability for any SC Routine, it's theirs! 


In Express, Shift Leaders don't go off sick, if you do your name is mud and you'll be demoted, I would have thought TMs going off sick would cause the SM to start managing them out of the business.


Could you ve our team manager? Pretty please. Ours is understanding of our struggles but doesn't really help with anything, so we then get bitched at by the other managers.


My stock control manager in my old store wouldn't be seen out of the office. He doesn't do any lates and doesn't believe the fresh potential reductions are his as he doesn't do a late. So the other team managers have to pick it up. He only has 4 stock controllers yet probably gets paid more then the other team managers...


Quote from: Lostrebel on 08-08-19, 10:46PM
My stock control manager in my old store wouldn't be seen out of the office. He doesn't do any lates and doesn't believe the fresh potential reductions are his as he doesn't do a late. So the other team managers have to pick it up. He only has 4 stock controllers yet probably gets paid more then the other team managers...

That's absolutely terrible, did no senior managers pull him up on it?


Another question, apologies for so many  :) , how long would you say it would take you to do a grocery gapscan and counts? This is in a large extra, so 4 frozen aisles, 14 grocery aisles and tobacco


Max 2 hours, that includes disco lines, confirming counts ect


 8-) in an ideal world maybe...if the rest of the team are covering it properly in your absence, keeping on top of the disc, gap scanning all the lines and updating the labels :-X
Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


Hard to give a timescale as it depends on:-
- having to respond to service calls.
- amount of time spent interacting with customers
- how often you need to reboot pda/printer due to signal loss.
- whether you have to call helpdesk around signal issues.
- whether your replenishment team actually replenished the delivery. (Much quicker if few gaps and minimal instores)
- whether person doing routines day before did a proper job.


Agree with all points however I'd say this, if you have been doing the same role then you should have a pretty good idea where stock is situated on SF and in WH, by paying attention to stock when you are doing your routines, allows you to quickly identify where stock is.

Your right in saying that Replen needs to be consistent with accurate fill at the shelf edge, warehouses need to be managed and loose stock turned regularly.  These new routines should not take long, I've just completed an OSI, gap scan and deli counter scheduled count, it's not 9am yet. The shop is a mess but I've kept an eye out all week to help me get through these routines in a decent timescale. I will have completed the 40 odd countdown I can we on ambient before my tea around 9!


In my store, 2 hours for gaps isn't enough. We're struggling on our allowance at the moment though it should be more achieveable if our OSI volumes lower.

Can I ask, in terms of airport ladders for putting stuff on capping shelves, does anyone know where this is? Looking through OurTesco and can't find it.


Forrestgimp has stated its on a H&S video that people are being trained on, it should be earlier on in this thread. Reply #33
Live for today. Learn from yesterday.



This will upset a few people in my store, everything by the book from now on.  I'm sure when everything was trialled H&S was at the forefront twats.

express whizz kid

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Sounds like Tesco making mistakes with job changes

QuoteTesco worker 'left in the dark' about role was unfairly dismissed _

stock manager at the retailer's Caerphilly branch, was told that there would be some "minor" changes to her role and it would be renamed "stock and admin manager".


 Typical uncaring ways now I hope they get more staff taking them to tribunals......s*** bags deserve it.

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