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Do You Know..

you can claim income tax allowance for laundering uniform at home, maybe back dated.

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I wanna whish all my warehouse colleagues, admin & support clerks the best of luck and good will in what ever they plan to do once they leave here shortly.

As legacy workers, your experience is going to missed and we are already starting to see the challenges this is gonna bring us here in Transport and for store colleagues. Read More

Any feedback from the london meeting of .com managers that is happening today and tommorow?,our department actually runs better when she is not there,so we are loving the peace and quiet

We all know that CEO's are paid obscene amounts of money compared to the workers who are actually doing all the hard work on the shop floor or in distribution, our Ken is no different as we have seen this week.
Although we can't actually do anything to stop this all of us who own shares in Tesco can vote against the renumeration package that rewards Ken for cutting staff to increase profit whilst making our job even harder.Read More

I was made redundant after 10 years service, I took a new job before I got my redundancy money, do you think I could still claim this, after all I did work for there for 10 years

I am a team manager with 14 years service, but I've been offered a new job, I know there was a document floating about with the change in notice period to 13 weeks. I won't be able to give that and feel like it's very unreasonable. Can anyone confirm...

Read More

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