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Should MPs/Lords show solidarity with those on furlough/made redundant/getting nothing and return 20% of their salaries and expenses for last 12 months ?
Absolutely, yes.
51 (80%)
Certainly not.
10 (15%)
Perhaps 10%
2 (3%)
Voted: 63


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Do You Know..

you can claim income tax allowance for laundering uniform at home, maybe back dated.

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Should MPs/Lords show solidarity with those on furlough/made redundant/getting nothing return 20% of their salaries and expenses ?

BIG vote yes from me  :thumbup:  :thumbup:
What is the Holiday policy now last year you were allowed to carry some over this year according to MM its not allowed however the few days i had left were supposed to be booked in january but because of covid they were not i am now told there is no...

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I thought, being as this is the largest management restructure for a while, it deserved to be a topic on it's own
it appears that every store is being categorised by turnover.
They will all have different structures
No red...

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I currently work in the phone shop as a customer assistant but have only been at this store for around 7 months, but I have worked for Tesco as a company for about 4 years. As I'm a graduate I've just been offered my first graduate role so I...

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I have a very sick relative for which i have been caring for since around start of covid epidemic,  helping with toileting, personal care etc, administering meds, etc. This relative is now on palliative care at home (and few days ago allowed home aft...

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