Is anyone having any issues with MyAccount registration?

It appears the transition to moving systems over to it has begun (Colleague Room for example). I can put my employee number in, but as soon as I get to DoB and NI number entry, it states it does not match their records! Anyone had a

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I have a had a job offer for Tesco and I’ve been given the forms to fill out before induction
I’ve got to the uniform bit and I’m confused with how much I’m allowed to have?
I’m working 15 hours if that helps.



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Total Reward Statement

Can anybody explain how the colleague club card total discount is arrived at? Mine shows that I spend £600 a year at Tesco whereas I know that I spend £2,500 a year minimum. Strangely/ suspiciously the figure is exactly the same as last years.

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Leavers payslip and total screw up Friend of mine quit and received his payslip today.  Does anyone understand it? Guy worked full month (3 shifts per week plus some OT, last shift 7th Nov ) but lost almost entire pay. Where is he supposed to go now to rectify i

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Anyone having trouble getting on to payview today ?

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