Cash office jobs

Has anyone else heard any rumours about the cash office being further simplified and redundancies?

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Holiday pay calculations

My question is based on the assumption that holiday pay is calculated at the higher of either A) contractual hours or B) average earnings over past 12 weeks.
If that's the case then please can you help me with the following:
A colleague I work with is taking 7 weeks leave as a lifest

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Grocer Jack

Our dept has 7 staff, only 1 of whom is on a flexi contract.
Yet all of us are being asked to do extra shifts to cover holidays as the latest master plan doesn't allow for it to be done any other way (apparently).

I have said I will not be doing extra shifts to cover holidays al

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Heating failures

Feel very sorry for customers and staff who have been forced to work/shop in very cold conditions for the past 3 weeks - having to wear heavy overcoats gloves and even woolly hats in an attempt to try and keep warm. Management not doing a lot other than indicate that to put in a new heating system w

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How is everyone getting on with the new routines with a lower headcount?

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