Help, CFC - Being sent home early = loss of wages

Hey everyone, new to VLH so bear with me.

I started working at a CFC as a picker/personal shopper 2 months ago. My contract states my core hours are 3.75hrs per day, weekdays, with the opportunity to 'flex up' an additional 3.75hrs per day if the need arises. This is clearly sta

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where can i find details about night pay etc?

me again, Hubby has been at tesco for 2 months now- and I cannot for the life of me work his payslip out - mines easy - I work days . he works nights - he has got - this premium that premium etc- where the hell do I find out what it all means ??  I've looked on the HELP page on payslips&nb

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I got a parking charge!!! at work !!

hi all, Ive been working at my store for around 3 weeks now (transferred from another store),  was at home this morning and I got a parking charge- turns out they photographed me coming in and going out - and have now charged me £40.00 !!
  I phoned my store and asked if there was a d

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David Berry, 48, had left the James Bank Hostel where h

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Contacting other members

Hi guys. Is there anyway I can contact another vlh member? It's a colleague but I haven't got their mobile number

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