Flexi contract and childcare

Hello everyone,

I've been employed by tesco on a 26 hour flexi contract coming up on 4 years, in that time I've picked up the odd overtime shift here and there to help out but since having my first child I've had to cut that down to almost none. My department has recently

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Useless Daw - Time for Action?

Before I get shot down in flames this isn't a dig at my fellow colleagues who are Union Reps and have to deal with being the face of Useless Daw but Useless Daw itself.

Given how many people are being shafted time and time again I personally feel it's time there was a mass exodu

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Dropping shift

I want to drop another shift at work Monday night in to Tuesday morning... I've just done the Sunday in to Monday  I finish that on the 8th but nights just do not suit me, I'm keeping my Friday in to Saturday and Saturday in to Sun ... I have another job in the week the just suits my

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Access To Evidence

If invited to an investigation should you have access to any evidence prior to the meeting or will the meeting itself be the first opportunity to see it?

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Plz help pay and hoildays

can anyone help and tell how many days hoilday I works get on 3 nights
And how much ball point I would earn
Friday night it to Saturday
Saturday in to sunday
Monday in to Tuesday
 I work 4 nights but it's to much so I want to drop my Sunday in to Monday shift 

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