Night Closure Discussion

Please let's keep this about Stores loosing nights no off topics about other things.

Obviously more Stores are going to loose their nights this year as I mentioned before we been told where are safe for at least another 12 months.

Will this be the case where we are actuall

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Pay Negotiations

Have Stores made any progress with regards to pay negotiations this year as it always gives those of us in Depots an indication of what we are likely to get despite having our own "negotiations"  :question:

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Only temp. Jobs Available?

I know someone who would like to work in a supermarket (she's desperate) she lives midway between two Extras both have suitable vacancies but all the positions are advertised as Temporary.
There's is no start no end date given, so are these really only temp positions or just classed a

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Just joined the Labour party

I did. Will you?

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Sent home sick

Should anyone really ever be disciplined even with a past sickness record or even have a progression of disciplinary stage when they were actually sent home ?

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