USDAWS place in history. A legacy.

When historians look back in say 20 years time at USDAW's role in employee-employer relations, what conclusions will they come to and what lessons will the society of the future have come to learn from the experience?

Should the current leadership be proud of the direction that they

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Tosco Shares - Buy or Sell? Well Hello Delores!!

Should I get rid of my available shares? The share price was £2.18 not so very long ago but I see it's below £2 as of now (£196.40 ). NOt sure who the f*** Delores is but she's betting that The share price will fall again? It's taken a while to get back around the the 2 pound mark but

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Overtime ban

Any other stores? No overtime at all including checkouts, red calls all day. Direct desk, deli, Electrical, clothing have had opening hours cut and the number of staff reduced. Will it go back to normal?

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tea break

In our department we are furthest away from the canteen apart from checkouts so takes an average of up to 5 minutes to walk just to the clock in machine.Therefore I take my start time from the clock in machine,for my break and as my phone is set at the same time as said clock in machine I finish at

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What is the single biggest gripe about your job?

As a nights' GA, for me, it's probably the dot-com pickers. Not the pickers in general, (although there are a fair few ignorant and miserable ones in our store) but the system itself. I drives me potty spending ages trying to face my aisles up in the morning, just for them to come along an

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