New ciggerettes laws

As from April, no menthol ciggerettes will be on sale, this includes duels and crush all type, do we expect to see even more hours cut on the csd? We are at the bone as it is.

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For 3 reasons

1) being over %, fair enough
2) not organising shift swaps yourself (surely managers job to arrange other duties)
3) not attending physiotherapy (which was never prescribed by the doctor from which treatment was being sought), can of worms here re managers fitness

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Can’t access any of my info

I've been working for Tesco for a few months. I've only just been given my Tesco email address but nothing I download apps-wise seems to work other than Inform and I don’t know which app is for what info.

I haven’t been told how to access any of my wage slips so I don’t know if

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Disciplinary Timescales

A chap on my department has currently been under investigation for just over seven weeks and has just this past week been sent to disciplinary.

Is this timescale acceptable? No reason, justification or consent was ever given.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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MOVED: Smoke breaks

This topic has been moved to Have a natter.

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