Daves email account

Does anybody know whom actually picks up the emails that are sent to Dave Lewis? I'm making an educated assumption that they would be filtered and passed on before he gets to them?

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Deputy Manager Loss

A message from Tracey Clements
Friday 24th February, 2017
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We are doing everything we can to serve Britain’s shoppers a little better every day. Our aim is to run our stores more simply, while also improving our customers’ experience of shopping

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7 Day Holiday Rule

Peoples policy May 2016:
In stores, your manager must respond to your request within seven days or you can assume that your request has been authorised.

Has this changed/updated ? thanks

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New Starter Pay


I started work on 9th Feb I'm confused at how my pay works.

I am contracted for Thurs - Sat 5-11pm

Will I get a full 4 weeks pay on the 10th March is my question?

Thanks in advance.


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Help needed on speeding


One of my fellow drivers has been invited to an investigation meeting about speeding. Not loads over but a verbals worth.  Got me thinking that before they had to investigate as soon as the stop report came down and before we drove again.  How does the recent change in the di

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