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I've emailed Leigh day and been in touch with Tom Hewitt (Employment Law Solicitor)

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Hi there,

I've been closely following the recent claims made by workers at both Asda and Sainsburys regarding comparative roles between their stores and distribut

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Lets Talk meetings.

A colleague spoke to me today his story was he was asked to go into a Lets Talk meeting by his LM he said he would but he wanted a rep with him as is his right as far as I am aware.

He was told he couldnt have one and lets just go do it so again he said he wanted a rep, LM goes away for a

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Holidays - Is this how they're supposed to work?

So been working at Tesco for about 4 months now (I was a Christmas temp for 12 weeks) and used all of my 6 days holiday from my temp contract.

I needed a single day off as I was going away.  However, I was told by a manager that I needed to take the entire week off  as that is a

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Equal pay for Store and Distribution Colleagues

Michael Newman, a partner in the employment team at Leigh Day, said:

“In the stores *(Asda and Sainsburys)* women are more routinely employed as check-out staff and shelf-stackers. Those employed in the warehouses are pretty much all men. As a whole, the group that is mostly men gets p

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Access to statements

Just wanted to ask if the Tesco policy has changed with regards to viewing statements about/against you in an investigatory? I am aware that with regards to employment law you don't necessarily have the right to view them unless it's a disciplinary case but to my knowledge, Tesco process w

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