There was a recent discussion on here about a colleague who was facing disciplinary action for swearing.

In my store swearing is incredibly common. Most staff swear all the time to each other, even on the shop floor, but 99% won't swear if a customer can hear.

Is it just m

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Has lower pay in stores been used to susidize better pay else where in tesco?

Has it? or hasn't it?

If it has, for how long, and is it time for a change?

Please, if you feel you can, put down the sector of tesco that you work in.

I am a GA in stores and I think that it has for a very long time and that it is time for change, however what

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Could a Booker merger be a good thing?

I would be interested to see what the views are on this current subject from different perspectives of different sectors of tesco.

It might be more revealing if we were to say which sector we are from;

I am a GA in stores, and my knee-jerk response is against it (mainly because

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MOVED: Duracell/optout

This topic has been moved to Have a natter.

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Pay cut off

Hi, can someone please tell me the cut off date/day for hourly paid please. I know next Friday is payday just want to clarify what dates I will be paid from and till to check my wages. I'm on nights not sure if that matters or if you get paid for part night before midnight. Thanks in advance&nb

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