D. L. leadership

It is all too easy to lay the blame for everything Tesco at DL's door. Yes, I realise that all of his latest cunning plans haven't really come to fruition(Booker, Jack's etc. But we shouldn't lose sight of who it actually was who attempted to pull the rug from under the company (

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Store transfer denied.

Hi there. I recently applied to transfer from Aberdeen to Burnage, Manchester as a customer delivery assistant. I have been working at Tesco for almost 12 years and have been a driver for 7 years however my transfer straight out got denied through email. Do i need to override this by getting my mana

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D.L. leadership

Serious question, has any structure change, policy change or anything done under his tenureship been done professionally , efficiently and in a Tesco values led way, asking for a few friends, both  past tesco workers and present

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Customers Neighbour hassling drivers with support from managers

We deliver to a lovely lady on a private housing estate who shares a driveway with five other home owners.
One of these people is a nightmare. Every time a driver goes past her home she is out the front door and takes photos and reports them to senior management for using the driveway.

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Superstore to lose 160 hours security guard cover

The SS I work in currently has 160 hours a week (it's a 24 hrs store) security guard cover from an external contractor. Essentailly that means we have one guard (no cover for their breaks) 24/7 except after midnight on Saturday and after closing on Sunday into Monday 0600.

From April

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