Sickness before holiday

My friend had 1 day off sick in the last 4 years working at Tesco.
Now she has a week of holiday coming up on Monday and she is contracted to Friday and Saturday. However she is genuinely sick and does not want to work with an annoying flu.
Does calling in sick for Friday and Saturday affe

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Cardiff-Lewis -Job losses-Villified

Tesco boss slammed over 1,100 Cardiff job losses after taking £2.4m bonus last year

The chief executive of supermarket giant Tesco has been challenged on the floor of the House of Commons to show greater care towards “devastated” people working at the customer operations centre in Cardiff

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Contractual Dismissal

Can someone please explain to me the contractual dismissal process.
 At the end of 30day consultation , are you given notice there and then ?
Is it referred on to store manager for him/her to give you your notice ?
 I've tried to compromise  but been met with move to 

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Staff theft

3 people in my store are under investigation and are suspended.

Staff 1) was stood behind till whilst event happened
Staff 2) handed over bottle of ciroc to staff 3) and never scanned it whilst they were scanning staff 3's shopping
Staff 3) made no payment for the ciroc

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F&F Poisoning our Children

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