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Author Topic: THE CONFIDENTIAL PROTECTOR LINE  (Read 94036 times)


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« Reply #175 on: 28-08-19, 08:20AM »
Anyone who uses protector line needs to have the mentality of "It's not what you know, it's what you can prove in court". A ca having a meticulous mindset is every managers worst nightmare.

Key points, record, document and get copies of all incriminating pieces of evidence gathered for when you need to take it to the law.
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« Reply #176 on: 28-08-19, 03:56PM »
Hi is protector line worth phoning, we have a store manager who is in our shop not much more than 20hrs a week, takes a time in lieu day every week so he only needs to work 4 days, leaves early and arrives late,
Since his arrival at Christmas there have been protector lines about him yet nothing gets done, he is a bully and rules with threats which everyone is now scared to do anything about it after seeing people coming and going with no change 
We even now have a fraudulent culture where you recieve rewards for customer viewpoint comments, free holidays and various other things, I know they struggled to get a manager to come to our shop, but this one is most hated and has allied himself with the bully line manager in store as a bodyguard, our last wmty was also clearly filled in at over 92% after his arrival shortly before, when we had announced we were losing depts and colleagues and morale was an all time low

I'm unsure as to why the amount of hours your manager does is bothering you? If he's as bad as you say, then surely the less time he turns up the better?

When you say "free holidays" do you mean extra time off with pay? If there have been numerous protector calls made, by different people, then you should all put in a signed group grievance, highlighting your reasons for bullying etc...and forward it to the group personnel manager. No manager in your store will then be able to approach or question any of you regarding the grievance.
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« Reply #177 on: 28-08-19, 07:22PM »
Protector line:
Our canteen was putting multi pack items in the vending machines, which they can, as long as each item has all its legal jargon on it.
It ticked me off one year where they was selling multi pack cans of drink, which was on a summer deal, for almost four times its value, as tasteless as that was, they did have all the relevant information on, however other items didn't, I called protector line reserving the right to go to trading standards!
Hence to say the store was in a flap next day, the manager and I had a great chat about going forwards 😊


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« Reply #178 on: 30-08-19, 08:15PM »
Please help me I have been contacting protectorline for 3 months now about managers being allowed short days, at every step of the way I have been pushed to reveal myself which I have declined to do fo fear of retribution, my final communication says that the investigation has concluded they have an answer but refuse to let me know the outcome unless I reveal who I am, I’m shocked and disgusted I can not have the outcome unless I reveal who I am and could possibly face the consequences if I do reveal myself where do I turn to now ?


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« Reply #179 on: 30-08-19, 08:52PM »
They probably wont tell you anyway , they're not likely to say this manager got a warning etc


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« Reply #180 on: 31-08-19, 04:49AM »
You are not entitled to know outcome, just sit back and watch. If resolved that is fine but if not it could be that they are on edge as don't know who has complained. During and investigation the only person able to talk is the person being interviewed. Sometimes they lie about what has been said so people think they have got away with it. I have sat in a meeting as a rep when someone has been given a warning and they have come out and said they have got what they want and no all fine.
Only thing is that by giving your name is they can take your statement and do a more detailed investigation. This may bring up things they may not find out otherwise but if it's about time keeping they can resolve this easily by getting managers to clock.