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Author Topic: Morrisons  (Read 2785 times)


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« on: 23-01-20, 04:30PM »
Morrisons saying they are cutting 3000 managers,who knows where the axe will fall next
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Long gone

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« Reply #1 on: 23-01-20, 09:33PM »
Anyone heard what they are doing at Morrison’s ? Axing 3,000 managers and either making them redundant or having them step down to become shelf stackers ? They need to do this at Tesco but with ALL managers. All useless


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Re: Morrisons
« Reply #2 on: 24-01-20, 11:37AM »
I have heard from reliable source that all senior team are going


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Re: Morrisons
« Reply #3 on: 24-01-20, 11:40AM »
Forgot to mention  at morrisons


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Re: Morrisons
« Reply #4 on: 24-01-20, 12:34PM »
Long gone, not all managers are useless.
Some of us do care and we are still human beings and make errors. The attitude that managers are useless will turn around and bite some of your backsides like you wouldn’t believe. I’d love to see some departments run smoothly without someone behind slow, lazy waste of space staff cracking the whip.
While I agree there are some useless managers (I’ve met many in my time at Tesco) to label everyone the same is incredibly stupid.


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Re: Morrisons
« Reply #5 on: 24-01-20, 01:37PM »
Sadly it seems to be long gones hobby to come on here and s**g off all managers at any given chance, rather a sad thing to spend your free time doing really.
Tesco - the moden day word for workhouse


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Re: Morrisons
« Reply #6 on: 24-01-20, 04:45PM »
Agree with Penguin. Long gone has probably left the company, if you go by the name,but is sad enough to continually pop up calling all managers names. Assume he rates this on how fast the can work a cage, funny thing is that's not even in the job description.
As for Morrison, it seems that we are all the same. What one does the others follow. Retail is a tough environment now. Those that hope to finish with us should have a plan to work in another field. It's same thing but different company, even Lidl and Aldi. I have known several people try it with them but they doing last.
The reply to this will be someone who has moved on, now earns twice the money for less work but continues to follow what goes on. If I left I would do just that, draw a line and move on. Life is too short and I can think of lots of better things to do with my time.


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Re: Morrisons
« Reply #7 on: 24-01-20, 09:30PM »
Another massive generalisation opinion from N+D again 😆