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Author Topic: F.A.O. Welsh tax payers  (Read 836 times)


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F.A.O. Welsh tax payers
« on: 08-06-19, 10:35AM »
I have just read an article on Wales online about the tax office coding Welsh taxpayers on the Scottish code which is higher.

Now I don't pay tax, but I did note that on the 3rd May payslip the code was S1250 and the 31st payslip had reverted back to the correct C1250.

So if you earn under the £14,??? threshold you will have underpaid  :-X

But if you  pay a lot of tax you could have overpaid, so also noteworthy to check further payslip codes. :thumbup:
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Re: F.A.O. Welsh tax payers
« Reply #1 on: 08-06-19, 10:49AM »

12,500 - 14,549 underpaid by 1%
24,945 - 43,430 overpaid by 1%
43,431 - 50,000 overpaid by 21%

Yes I know it's very unlikely anyone. Apart from SM's will have paid the higher tax bracket, but friends and family in higher paid professions may appreciate the heads up  :thumbup:
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