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Author Topic: Stock/Merchandising  (Read 14720 times)


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Re: Stock/Merchandising
« Reply #75 on: 01-06-19, 01:33PM »
Are other people leaving counts or gap scans. Anyone doing tokens to meet compliance or what. My manager is upset I’m not finishing counts, (he bookstocks them), the lead has said not to bookstock as no count is better than a wrong count. So I’ve been leaving the counts incomplete.


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Re: Stock/Merchandising
« Reply #76 on: 01-06-19, 03:52PM »
Tell your manager if it upsets them they could always help them self by helping you. The lead is right no job is better than a half arsed one.


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Re: Stock/Merchandising
« Reply #77 on: 01-06-19, 04:31PM »
Osi on promotional and star lines should be put straight up on the capping. Other stock should be dropped and kept on backstock cages. Promotional really dows need to be reviewed
How can you properly osi promotion lines - all it does is produce a nice sticker.


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Re: Stock/Merchandising
« Reply #78 on: 01-06-19, 07:52PM »
As far as I’m aware, there’s no current pulse report, no tracking and no targets... it’s based on what’s right for each store.

We have been osi but no decking as we are a twilight store and it’s just not right to deck in a med super. Based on the above our workload is manageable the only issue is the longlife fresh, 1 hour to check 20 mods of yoghurts is insane!

We also tend to collapse going into the weekend stock control hours tighter...today didn’t gapscan gm/hb/to as backstock and delivery carried over. Didn’t gapscan plant bread or new grab go deli again as delivery still not worked.

One thing that is crazy it’s the newlines not stocked racking we have in store it’s full to the point it’s on the floor, stock control used to look after it, but now nothing within routines so grocery manager should look after it but as usual the fill comes first so it just mounts up, the temp merchandiser digs around looking for newlines but it’s just a dumping ground for anything grocery can’t be bothered to fill or sort out.