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Author Topic: Advice for an ongoing issue about a SM  (Read 1725 times)


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Advice for an ongoing issue about a SM
« on: 14-05-19, 12:36AM »
Need a bit of advice about an ongoing situation I've found myself in.

So... it seems I have a SM from another shop out to get me and my fellow SLs and SM in my store. This SM lets call her ‘Kate’ has made a few allegations to our area manager which has led straight to investigations on us all (none of which so far have come up with any wrong doing on our parts) Kate has on many occasions accused us of not being capable of doing our jobs and caused a lot of unnecessary stress for us. We’ve had her SLs covering our shop as we’d recently lost one of our own. This has only made the situation worse with them constantly going back to Kate with new ideas about how we are doing ours jobs wrong! Instead of being a decent human (in my opinion) and speaking to our SM And resolving the issues pretty quickly she’s repeatedly gone to the AM who has taken her word and furthered the issues. That AM has recently sent out an email to all 3 SMS in the area mentioning the fact we have been investigated for integrity issues’

So to finally get to the point...
Is there anything I can do? Protector line? Etc
Surely an area manager shouldn’t be telling anyone about these investigations?

Obviously I can’t go into detail about each investigation but some have been quite serious allegations which luckily I could prove were incorrect. However, it has still caused a lot of stress and mental health issues which I’ve struggled with for a long time now.

Any advice at all would be muchly appreciated!


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Re: Advice for an ongoing issue about a SM
« Reply #1 on: 14-05-19, 07:54AM »
A few things to point out here.

1. The AM should know better than to make public confidential matters such as investigations, also he shouldn't be saying things alluding to integrity, especially when the investigation is ongoing and it is not yet determined whether there's any truth in that which is alleged.  This alone would justify putting forward a grievance about the AM.

2. Your SM would have more political currency than you or your SL's, he/she would be in a better position to have the challenging conversations with the other SM about process, professional conduct and Tesco culture.

3. "Not being able to do your jobs" Is managed by the SYP process, something which can't be undertaken by an SM of another store as it's outside her jurisdiction, the fact she's trying to discipline your team on this shows a lack of integrity and awareness of the process on her part.

If I were you, I would talk to your SM about getting the information on the Group Personnel Director to alert him/her about the AM not following process.
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