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when a customer has a tagged item, do you detag it as soon as they ask you to or do you wait until they've gone to the payment screen?

some dude went mental at a colleague the other day because he wouldn't detag his booze until the payment had gone through due to the amount of walk-offs we get.

just wondered what you guys do & what the policy is if there even is one.

Legally until anything is paid for the property is Tesco's so should remain tagged.

Said customer who went mental with member of staff should be barred, but we all know that will never happen.

Personally I get a bit sick and tired of abuse from a tiny percentage of customers with Tesco management doing nothing about it.

I always do it after I’ve authorised it which is normally when the customer has scanned everything, you’ll always get someone scanning the bottle first and getting your attention to authorise and de tag when they’ve still got stuff to scan I always tell them I’ll do it once they’ve finished scanning everything.

The person that went mental should have been spoken to and barred, but that never happens.

The problem with banning someone is:-
1) if they complain to head office the ban could be overturned
2) with limited security it's hard to enforce if the banned person chose to ignore it.
3) with police cutbacks we have been advise to just let them shop and leave, as police are unable to attend.

If they complain to head office it is always overturned regardless of what has gone on, we have had people banned from the store over the last few months, mostly for shoplifting but one bloke was ejected for shouting homophobic abuse at a staff member, he complained to head office that is was only meant as a "joke" and yes you've guessed it was told he could shop in store again, clearly staff dignity and safety is way behind profits. Several of the shoplifters have also had local bans overturned, and the police where we are refuse to issue written bans on shops behalf anymore, claiming a lack of officers and time to do so.


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