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I'd like to think any structural change would include closing Centre and making everyone who, "works" - I use that word in it's loosest possible sense - there redundant. We are currently drowning in stock because these morons are too lazy and stupid to do their pathetic, worthless non-jobs correctly. One of the biggest mistakes Tesco ever made was centralising stock control. In the old days, Fresh Managers were allowed far more control over what stock came into their departments.

If Tesco needs to trim the fat, Centre should be the first to go under the knife. Won't happen, of course. Expecting the board to do the right thing is like expecting the government to deliver Brexit.

You do know any retailer does need a head office to run the business?

Would the stock appear without someone to buy it?

Would the checkouts run without someone to implement the IT?

Interesting theory that because your store has too much fresh stock, the person in charge of buying BWS, or the person running one of the IT systems, or someone in finance who organises payment of tax should lose their job?

Not saying I don’t agree with you that headcount could be reduced - this may indeed be in the pipework......

We managed to get the correct amount of stock into stores before Centre existed. Now, we're drowning in stock we can't sell because some idiots sitting on their fat backsides in a nice warm office somewhere are too incompetent to do the job they're(over)paid for.

Here's just some of today's highlights,

- 4 full cages of salad. In the first week of January. That includes two dozen cases of a single line of salad.

- 70 boxes of loose apples.

- 2 full dollies of carrots.

- 2 full dollies of Mushrooms. Again, one of them is made up of a single line.

- And a Partridge in a Pear Tree... 8-)

So yeah, whoever is responsible for this Omni-Shambles should lose their job. No redundancy, just kick them out. They can sell the Big Issue; that's obviously the limit of their abilities.

I blame a lot of it on technology, this sort of stuff happened but normally it was c**k up by one of the stock control people and a one off but since we went to the computer deciding what we want it seems to be a daily thing.

Same here. Few lines in bulk (produce). Few lines piling up in chillers/warehouse and few dozen lines not coming at all. Its bad, very bad. Too many lines missing and  too many being reduced to clear due short dates. I am wonder who is going to deal with it especially that overtime budget been slashed!.
Thursday morning 3Q financial results should be released  and i bet it wont anything amazing.


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