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My Formal Performance Hearing !!!!

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First of all I would like to say Hello to everybody on the forums, the reality is I have lurked here for a while reading topics but decided to join the forum because well I'm rather selfish and I am in need of advice.

To try to sum up exactly what has happened, I was told by my Manager (Line Manager), that he felt great pressure from his Manager(Senior Manager) in regards to my attitude at work. So I agreed that I would gladly move department. The goal was that I would move to Dot Com, reasons primarily being the hrs were far more suited to me having extra time to spend with my Grandmother.

My Manager advised to me to write a letter to the Dot Com Manager asking if a vacancy was available and to say I was very interested in a role on the department. The reality is I have been asking to move to Dot Com for a while now, approx 6 months. We had reached a point where I was close to being moved and suddenly I was informed it was time for my Annual Review, which of course had me missing my targets (my bad attitude).

So I was put on the SYP process, which I later found out had prevented me from moving to any department until my Manager felt I was a 'hit'. My 1st letter informing me of my SYP and targets during my SYP was dated 12/10/18.

12 Weeks later I have received a letter for my Formal Performance Hearing.

Now it should be mentioned that I started off with 3 targets, which after the 1st 4 weeks was reduced to 2. After 8 weeks I was told there was great improvement in my attitude, A meeting was held but adjourned because the Note Taker began to express herself. And so the meeting was reconvened 2 weeks after Christmas, which "gave me more time to prove myself".

After the extra 2 weeks I had the Store Manager mentioning how much he had seen an improvement in my attitude, but that was not good enough and so this hearing is taking place next week.

Now the truth is I had received complaints against me by 2 Senior Managers which seems to the reason this is ongoing, and unfortunately because of them being Senior the complaints have not been investigated. Instead a complaint is made, it is documented and is fed back to me once a week which I have my weekly review. Of course I have refuted many of these complaints but like I mentioned earlier these complaints are not investigated and instead well to be honest I'm not sure why I actually wasted my time even refuting them.

During the last 12 weeks, My Manager has not worked shoulder to shoulder with me to see if I am working inefficiently. And outside of the one weekly meeting I have had with him when I have my weekly review, no feedback has been given to me. To STRESS, I have asked him for more regular feedback but instead, I come into work, I get given tasks and I get told at my weekly meeting whether I was good enough or not.

I was hoping someone would have more information on what this hearing is about, all I have been told is, "it allows you to have your say".

Apologies first of all for my English, it is not my 1st language. And also for this ending up quite long. If there is any information anyone needs to help me on this matter I may have missed out, please ask away and I will try to respond asap.

Thank you.

Your own worst enemy by the sound of it.

This depends a bit on which department you are in.  If you are on the desk or checkouts even counters your attitude is more important.  If you are stock control or replenishment then your work ethic is more important. (blah blah blah service serve British shoppers a little better s***) but in reality. Eg we have a few checkout assistants that are total people people but put them on the shop floor filling totally useless and would gab and gas all day. Likewise a few fillers who can't be bothered talking and just want to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

And for those who have both skills?
Well they have proper jobs outside of Tesco  :D

Has it been made clear to you how your attitude needs to improve? If so, you shouldn't need your manager to be working shoulder to shoulder with you.
If it hasn't been properly explained or you didn't understand what you need to do, then ask.

If you can find a manager who can follow the SYP process week in week out let him/her put you on it. Why does it take management until a review before they tell you things have to improve. They should be coaching everyone on a daily basis. The reality is the majority are more clueless than the Assistants.


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