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Are high streets doomed ?


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Author Topic: High streets.  (Read 5630 times)


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Re: High streets.
« Reply #25 on: 02-01-19, 09:06PM »
I live In Cornwall and the high streets died a long time ago lol
Old people in charge refuse anything new we don’t have stuff like river island Nando’s etc


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Re: High streets.
« Reply #26 on: 13-01-19, 01:36AM »
Totally agree with what specialgravy said, every year most things go up, rent, bills etc, I do not have enough money to live on, and before you say it, I do not smoke, do not drink and do not go out at all, I am a full Time worker and that is not enough to pay the bills, if things carry on like this then I can see myself in a few years homeless, if that happens, will Tesco still let me work?


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Re: High streets.
« Reply #27 on: 17-01-19, 02:15PM »
What do people think to the '100 years Tesco tv advert?'   I assume customers on rollerskates and motorbikes is to demonstrate the ease of getting in and out quickly, and to be able to buy branded products at a good price.


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Re: High streets.
« Reply #28 on: 17-01-19, 08:17PM »
I said not sure, as near me lots of shops closed, but lots of different shops have opened.  The places that closed is ALL due to disagreement with council tax rates and rent. the places that opened is because they got a "new business tenant deal".

A local butcher closed down, because the shopping centre was going to demolish the markets (8 months after refurbishing it and filling it up) the centre demanded £65k per year in rent and taxes! he said "get lost" and he is no longer a butcher as to set up a new shop needs £20k for the walk in fridge and walk in freezer.. so he retired from being a butcher, .. a family business older then I am.. destroyed by selfish rent prices.

Same shopping area is now demolishing 1/2 of the centre as over 30 shops closed down due to the SAME reason in the SAME month.. and now the idiot owners are scratching their as to why heads why everyone EVEN TESCO were forced to close down!


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Re: High streets.
« Reply #29 on: 27-01-19, 05:42PM »
First time I’ve been down the high street in my local area for years and by god, what a depressing sight!  For sale/let signs, random shops selling tat and a general untidy depressing area!  Around the shopping centre is ok, the main high street is a forgotten landscape!


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Re: High streets.
« Reply #30 on: 27-01-19, 07:02PM »
25 Years ago the high street in my small town had good mix of national chains, independent shops and  two decent pubs, now all that is left is a couple of takeaways, boots, and a payday loan place, everywhere else is either shut down or has been turned into flats and or offices, does not really entice one to visit or invest into the area does it, sadly apart from larger towns and big cities the damage already seems to have been done.
Tesco - the moden day word for workhouse


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Re: High streets.
« Reply #31 on: 28-01-19, 12:39AM »
the internet genie is well and truly out of the bottle now, but it is a massive part of the problem.
Agree with that. Though if the government is willing to pull it's fingers out of their collective arses, it's not too late. They could start with an internet sales tax of 20% and used that to replace NNDR thus creating a more level playing field and hopefully creating more jobs at the same time.