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Author Topic: Software on tills  (Read 1993 times)


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Software on tills
« on: 26-11-18, 11:25AM »
This pretty much hasn't been updated in so many years (Express stores anyway)

Why is it so terrible? I mean there isn't even an option to add a bag for life, when the bag 5p option was there before.

I'm sure that 30 year old software they use on stocks and deliveries is even worse too (TPX?), one wrong mistake and have to type it in all again.


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Re: Software on tills
« Reply #1 on: 26-11-18, 12:17PM »
I agree.  We still get a red prompt every 15 mins about not being registered for lottery sales, that’s been going on for 10 years or more. Since no receipt option was started, tills are slow, debit credit machines are even worse.  We’ve got one till that double scans like mad, but won’t scan club cards or reduced items except with gun scanner.


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Re: Software on tills
« Reply #2 on: 26-11-18, 01:31PM »
I’m in an exspress and the tills are a joke they are so slow and crash constantly  ;D


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Re: Software on tills
« Reply #3 on: 26-11-18, 01:47PM »
Is it right that a lot of store equipment is still on Windows XP ?
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Re: Software on tills
« Reply #4 on: 26-11-18, 03:20PM »
lol windows xp, my work station only got upgraded from win 3.0 about a year ago. I even videoed the startup sequence because non of my mates believed me.


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Re: Software on tills
« Reply #5 on: 26-11-18, 04:10PM »
Most retailers and company's that use a POS system e.i self checkout, cash machines have older OS because the old hardware they use cannot function with a newer more advanced operating systems.

As with using TPX it is still quite reliable even with it being so old now. When the need comes to upgrading Tesco will have made sure they get their every ounce of use out of the system before phasing it out, as it would cost a lot of money to develop and use a lot of resources to train people up on how to use it effectively.

Using word based commands to successfully navigate programs is becoming a bit of an art now anyway with colleagues only about five years younger than me are only used to using a graphical user interface and never seen command based software before joining Tesco.

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Re: Software on tills
« Reply #6 on: 26-11-18, 05:43PM »
Tesco have so many layers of interlocking departments, stores depots suppliers coupled with lost knowledge of how a system works people who leave join set up a programme I imagine the companies left hand hasn't a clue what the right hand is doing and if anyone really knows how to change all the systems.


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Re: Software on tills
« Reply #7 on: 26-11-18, 07:30PM »
I'm sure the Tesco back office app used for printing price changes looks like a windows 3.0 software. I've no idea how old TPX, Green screen is but I'd say late 80s looking at it however in fairness it works well enough so why change it. The real problem is the software on tills mainly self service that is getting slower and slower and slower, and the ongoing issues with the approval screens for self service keep freezing following a recent I.T update.
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Re: Software on tills
« Reply #8 on: 26-11-18, 09:13PM »
Tesco back office and TPX screen are merely front end software, nothing like the software actually running it.


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Re: Software on tills
« Reply #9 on: 12-01-19, 05:10PM »
The cost for Tesco to custom write a whole new checkout system, interfacing with SBO, store reports, credit card payment systems, gift card systems, and hitting the ground running with no faults or flaws would be astronomical - and probably impossible to be perfect. It would also require new computer terminals at every checkout in the country, staff to swap out each till, each staff member to be trained in using it.... its not really feasible.

Running the old DOS-like interface in Windows XP is easier and cheaper, with no-downtime, although the addition of contactless, lottery, and all the other addons is slowing the system down massively.


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Re: Software on tills
« Reply #10 on: 14-01-19, 07:52AM »
Self scan till memory and software updates are on a roll out just now.


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Re: Software on tills
« Reply #11 on: 14-01-19, 10:36AM »
We have had an office tools upgrade. We are told it's being rolled out in stages. At the moment getting email and store reports requires signing in more than once. However, this is temporary. Once in all stores the old system can be turned off. You sign in with your name and what you see and have access to depends on your role.
Not sure about stock control and tills. The tills have regular updates. We had a PFS till that was painfully slow and we reported it and they said they would work on it over night and it has been much better since then.