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I am going to hand in my notice tomorrow, because I have finally found another job outside Tosco.
I still have most of my holidays left and the Personal Day.
so, after giving my notice when will I receive my holiday pay and will they also pay for the PD?

Thank you

Think you have to be employed by a certain date in October to qualify for a personal day so would not hold my breath on that one. Wages have to confirm you have not keen more holiday than accrued so I would think you may have to wait a couple of weeks or more after you have ceased employment to get that final pay.

If you don’t take your personal day it’s not paid out when you leave. Seems a little mean but it’s not a statutory entitlement. Good luck in your new job

If you have holiday entitlement remaining it will be paid but be aware that if you have taken more holidays than you are entitled to this will be deducted from your final pay.. Personal Day is use it or lose it. You will have to wait until next payday on 19 October for your final payment.

Final pay now paid in line with pay days so resign today get final pay 19th October, tomorrows wageslip will show you holidays earnt and Bhol earnt, a common mistake is we don’t realise Bhol are earnt over the year not by bhol so if you have taken more than earnt this will have to be paid back.


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