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Unsung heroes:
Hi could anyone give me some advice please. I am a team manager and recently I was informed by a member of my team that a complaint was made against me whilst I was not in the business due to illness.
I contacted my lead manager and they confirmed there had been but it was too be dealt with informerly with mediation.
But... I then returned to work and was just left with no info or anything and no one would discuss it with me.
The person making the complaint has gone off on the sick then returned but on another shift and dept.
I then recieved a letter from my lead team inviting me to investigation which was to be on sat 7th of spetember but that didn't take place due to him going off ill and there has been no mention since of when it will be rearranged.

Is there a time scale for them to do this before it goes out of process and is it right of me to not have expected to go to investigation after been told it was only going to be meditation.? This has been rolling on for 11 weeks now. Thanks

Any investigation has to be conducted in reasonable time that is the acas guidelines . Google it to find the policy that acas sets out. 11 weeks is not reasonable as u were in the business had u been off sick it could have been. If they investigate u put in a grievance for breach of contract for not following the grievance and disciplinary process which is a contractual right. I used to be a manager and was in a similar situation and did this.

Unsung heroes:
In the beginning the person who has complained went off on sick with stress. But has been back for 4 weeks now. One investigation was arranged then cancelled due to lead team being ill and that was 12 days ago and no word since. I'm sure it can go out of process as I've been notified but can find anything with a time scale. I would actually like it heard as this is the 2nd time this person has made this same complaint about a manager which was unproven. And is still discussing it with everyone whereas I'm having to stay quiet which is all wrong

Dont include any time anyone has been off on holiday or sick?
If its around 3 months then that's probably too long. 

Unsung heroes:
Totally agree. They just not very fast at getting any where and obviously I wanna be able to fight my corner but with no recognised time scale you know how things can be


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