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After all this time that this person has been in Tesco do you agree that He and his team are just a JOKE ? Do you seriously believe that He is an expert and competent to take Tesco in right direction ? Do you believe that He is only a talkshow guy who has no clue about what he is doing or not ?

No, I don’t agree with you at all. He has turned the business around in terms of profitability. Some of the decisions him and his team have made have not been popular but the results speak for themselves.

People forget why DD was brought in, and they knew about his reputation.

Life after tossco:
Yes he has been brought in to turn the company around but his twilight fill didn't work in the majority of stores and ruined people's lives! The only thing he really needed to do when he came in to the company is get rid of most of the useless management that still exists in Tesco at store level and distribution then he would of saved billions and allow for more staff to make the business grow!

It's clear that financially and business wise he has been good for Tesco.  The comms, fairness and transparency have been questionable.


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