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Author Topic: The 2005 multi-skilling deal  (Read 14305 times)


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Re: The 2005 multi-skilling deal
« Reply #75 on: 10-09-19, 02:33PM »
In the same respect then I would expect a checkout colleague to take a delivery off ...... no yeah exactly p**s take always will be.

If the said colleague had been trained and given the correct ppe then I would consider it a reasonable thing to ask.
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Re: The 2005 multi-skilling deal
« Reply #76 on: 10-09-19, 02:42PM »
Just keep messing up every time you are put on a till, they will soon stop putting you on one.


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Re: The 2005 multi-skilling deal
« Reply #77 on: 10-09-19, 04:23PM »
Because in the olden days, the checkouts were always fully manned and a checkout operator was on a higher rate than shopfloor staff. So the shopfloor staff had the choice to train up, to go on checkouts when needed, for which they received the higher premium for every ?quarter hour? (break cover) they were on the checkout. Just like they're doing now 20 odd years later. So when they brought all checkout and shopfloor staff onto the same rate, the shopfloor colleagues were told they would no longer get the premium to cover, and were then excluded, as in the agreement.

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Re: The 2005 multi-skilling deal
« Reply #78 on: 11-09-19, 07:42AM »
Checkouts in my store have to give back to shop floor. They have to rumble and they have to come off and work cages if tills not busy. Checkouts now also measured on idle time. However, over the years people have been moved onto checkouts because of Heath issues. Rumble and/or facing up is find but some not able to pull or work cages.
It takes time to change things, and this goes both ways. It is getting better with checkouts supporting shop floor but it's not perfect, a long way for it but it does need to go both ways. I agree with that but as more self service tills or scan as you shop tills become operational the more we all need to be able to fit into other roles, all of us. If you look at the new structure for metro stores they need multi tasked people but one of these tasks should be checkouts.


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Re: The 2005 multi-skilling deal
« Reply #79 on: 11-09-19, 10:18AM »
I'd love it if checkouts would actually help on the shop floor at our store.
I wouldn't expect them to fill, but it's annoying seeing them sit and chat for 15 minutes, when a few could have jumped off and rumbled the aisles close to them


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Re: The 2005 multi-skilling deal
« Reply #80 on: 11-09-19, 10:51AM »
In express fuel site where I used to work, you'd have to work 2 aisles while being the only one on checkouts.


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Re: The 2005 multi-skilling deal
« Reply #81 on: 11-09-19, 12:57PM »
Meanwhile Daves little game of divide and rule continues unabated as we are too busy fighting amongst ourselves to question why we don't have sufficient staff

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Re: The 2005 multi-skilling deal
« Reply #82 on: 11-09-19, 02:47PM »
This is not about who should do what with regards to supporting across the store, this is about the official communication from Pauline Foulkes (Usdaw) giving the staff who were employed before the July 2005 pay review the option (and therefore right) to politely decline to go on checkouts.

All staff employed after this would be expected to go on tills and would have had this explained in the interview and induction.

Clearly some of the staff who are not able to opt out have a axe to grind about it. 

This is the right of the staff employed before the cut off to decline, and until its changed it stands.


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Re: The 2005 multi-skilling deal
« Reply #83 on: 11-09-19, 07:04PM »
There were no announcements made in the latest pay settlement, nor indeed at any other negotiations between the company and Usdaw.

The 2005 Multi-skilling Agreement (Front End Agreement) still stands.

The Union has stated the following regarding this matter:

The Union has received several enquires regarding the July 2005 multi-skilling agreement and self service tills and Scan as You Shop.

The multi-skilling agreement does not apply to the Self-Scan and Scan as You Shop functions. This is because these innovations were introduced after the 2005 Pay Review and therefore no provision was made for them at the time.

Until further agreements are made in order to change the Agreement, the Agreement itself stands. Much like the old contracts whereby the first 3 days of sick leave are paid, the same principle apples to the Multi-skilling  Agreement.

If it has not been formally agreed by the Company and Usdaw to dissolve it, then it remains in place!
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Re: The 2005 multi-skilling deal
« Reply #84 on: 09-12-19, 12:07PM »
Loki, where can i get a copy of that?