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Author Topic: News articles (2)  (Read 11611 times)

grim up north

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Re: News articles (2)
« Reply #51 on: 12-09-18, 07:34PM »

The bit about Amazon possibly taking over could be interesting


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Re: News articles (2)
« Reply #52 on: 12-09-18, 07:52PM »
She is convinced Amazon will have acquired a UK supermarket within two years to make it a real player in UK food and apply what it has learned following the company's $13.7bn takeover of upmarket US retailer Whole Foods last year.

If Amazon does decide to wade into the UK grocery war, it may take more than the launch of a discount chain to save the likes of Tesco.

It is interesting  8)
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Re: News articles (2)
« Reply #53 on: 13-09-18, 12:33PM »
If you think we have problems now God help us all if Amazon buy the company out.
Tesco - the moden day word for workhouse


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Re: News articles (2)
« Reply #54 on: 13-09-18, 02:43PM »
I think it's more likely that Amazon would snap up Morrisons, they're already in bed with each other on home delivery.


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Re: News articles (2)
« Reply #55 on: 13-09-18, 11:26PM »

Is whole foods not a brand in itself ? rather than a retail store company that sells other company products ? also think it said they sell high end lines as well as Organic products , so Buying Morrisons or Tesco would not fit in with what they did with whole foods ,

I cant see the logic of Buying into a retail company , But I do see them buying into something like Orcado which does not have The worrys of pensions old staff contracts, High end costs like Buildings


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Re: News articles (2)
« Reply #56 on: 14-09-18, 09:25AM »
Viewpoint results out tomorrow 😂😂

The WMTY don't you mean. Here is what a few say on ourtesco:


    Alex Hurt 14 hours ago

    Wonder if it will be tb e 3rd year we don't get told the results of it... Or the 7th year in which something may start to be done about what is said in it rather than ignoring it. My bet is ignorance.

         Alex Hurt 11 hours ago

        also on the wmty link, at the bottom, links don't work, please check the links... it's not that hard :p

         Marc Ringland 13 hours ago

    Not even been mentioned on nights.

       Alex Hurt 11 hours ago

    I just read the link in the post, "Customers will never love a company until employees love it first" Since when has this ever been tesco's strive? for the past few years it's been take take take from employees, it's seriously hypocritical to add it in after giving everyone a pay reduction for 5 months, double time to time quarter, time quarter to time half, moving people to a new role then 6 months later telling them they have no job. Doesn't seem like it was ever striven for? Employee morale is with most certainty lowest it has EVER been.


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Re: News articles (2)
« Reply #57 on: 14-09-18, 05:04PM »
@1 spot on post..nail on head..my thoughts exactly. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
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