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Author Topic: Structure change/redundancy.  (Read 10973 times)


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Re: Structure change/redundancy.
« Reply #26 on: 26-04-19, 06:03PM »
6 months contribution based jobseekers then means tested or income support .

Apologies once again, I have passed on the info, and read the supplied thread by overworked, I'm reading it that contribution based for 6 months means that their redundancy money and any savings they have will be disregarded for the first 6 months?? If they need to go onto income support after, how far back are their banking records requested for?? Should they have a house refurb or new car in those six months, or will they be penalised for that??
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Re: Structure change/redundancy.
« Reply #27 on: 26-04-19, 07:06PM »
Honestly think but don't know for sure that it is the amount of savings in bank the day you make you're claim for means tested benefit . I would be very cautious though as if you have a partner even on a low income you receive very little help !


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Re: Structure change/redundancy.
« Reply #28 on: 26-04-19, 08:25PM »
Quote from: tricky251713 link=topic=16929.msg227044#msg227044
It comes to my informal meeting... I am told the heat map says 10-6 Sunday to Wed night which fits my contracted hours perfectly... I have never done a 10-6 on a Sunday, we always did a 4pm start to enable the big moves to get done before the night fillers come in. That was the request of our previous manager and nobody has ever mentioned it ever since. Then came the availability form... mine had the computer generated ticks showing the 10-6 Sunday to Wed night. I was handed it a few weeks ago over night and told they wanted it back an hour later, no chance to take it home to discuss with my partner so I didn’t touch the availability form for the fear of being shafted when it came to finding out the situation with the jobs. Turns out because the form says what it says, I have to accept what they say.

I can’t do a night shift on a Sunday now anyway due to needing to be awake on a Monday to look after my younger child, she is one. The next bit involved the manager doing the meeting telling me something he shouldn’t have in order to help me a bit. If I am to refuse the hours that the heat map says, he was to ask for my resignation there and then! I told him I can’t do the hours but don’t take a refusal and he said he’ll go back to the store manager to explain things from my view.

My issues are why do they get to play god and decide who gets to take redundancy and who doesn’t. I haven’t even been offered another role in store, not redundancy yet my colleague has been offered other roles (that she could do but won’t) so she gets to be offered redundancy. They are treating us completely different and in my opinion unfairly. She feels betrayed but I feel like she gets the better end of the deal and I’m getting shafted! My next informal meeting is to be Tuesday after Easter Monday. I now face no job with no redundancy and a house to keep afloat while my colleague who has done the exact shifts as me for 7 years to go happily with money to pay off her mortgage and then come back in 6 months to one of the roles being offered to her now. (She also has a job outside Tesco where she can up her hours easily.

Sorry for the essay but I don’t have a clue where to go with this. ACAS basically said I don’t have much of a leg to stand on.... 

You should have been given the availability form BEFORE your informal meeting. You had to tick all the hours you were available to work, the maximum days and hours you could work and most importantly the minimum number of days and hours you were prepared to work. There was a column for other departments you would consider working on.

This information along with your "score" were then used to match you to a vacancy.  If you job match then you have no choice in taking the job. If you didn't match (because of your availability or minimum hours you were prepared to work) then you would be at risk of redundancy and would have been given a letter detailing your redundancy offer.  You would then start the formal consultation process which would involve either applying for other vacancies in your store (or another on your group) or choosing to accept redundancy.

If the above didn't happen they haven't followed the process and you need to get a rep/ area organiser involved asap to get it resolved.
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Re: Structure change/redundancy.
« Reply #29 on: 26-04-19, 09:11PM »
If it’s computer generated then clearly it isn’t your current availability, I’m assuming these hours were close to what you used to work, and either:
A) you wanted to stay but changed your mind after seeing the £££ package
B) the process hadn’t been followed?

Forgive my tone but it’s a few weeks since first meetings took place and the new structure starts in 2, what was the reasons for agreeing to the hours, but now wanting to change?

If the process has not been followed, then get it in writing ASAP to your manager, like I said this needs dealt with now!


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Re: Structure change/redundancy.
« Reply #30 on: 26-04-19, 11:36PM »
If you didn't sign the computer generated availability form with ticks you haven't agreed to these hours! If you signed it thats confirmation you agree. It' that simple  8-)


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Re: Structure change/redundancy.
« Reply #31 on: 21-12-19, 08:31AM »
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