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Author Topic: Management 'Early Days'  (Read 26933 times)


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Re: Management 'Early Days'
« Reply #125 on: 10-04-18, 08:29AM »
 Why does the company continue to pay night manager salary to those filling shelves and getting GAs backs up.


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Re: Management 'Early Days'
« Reply #126 on: 10-04-18, 01:33PM »
If the night manager didn't fill some shelves you would complain that they never help you or sit in an office all night. If they do help you complain why are they filling shelves for management pay.


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Re: Management 'Early Days'
« Reply #127 on: 14-06-18, 02:24PM »
Hi, been a while since I started this thread, what is everyone’s work situation like now, given all the changes that have occurred and had time to settle?
Are you still working over 36hrs with the extra being unpaid?
Are you still doing ‘super sundays’ or ‘free’ shifts for the benefit of your store and unpaid?
What’s the general feel around stores nowadays?
Be interesting to get an understanding.,


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Re: Management 'Early Days'
« Reply #128 on: 14-06-18, 05:38PM »
We have some managers doing silly amounts of unpaid hours, also we have a few GA's called "Hot Prospects" these are younger staff in the main who want to move on in Tesco are have been given this made up job role and title for no extra pay yet are expected to drop everything at the store managers whim and come into work, they even get left doing duty at times, one of them should have been on holiday this week yet has been into work doing full unpaid shifts on three occasions, and why because he has been told he must show his "respect to the company". I have told them to say no and take the matter up via a grievance but no it just goes on and on and on, there is only so much one can do if people wont help themselves. Meanwhile managers clear off early as some of them are mates with SM leaving the ones not in favour or the prospects to clear up all the outstanding work. An absolute farce from top to bottom.
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Re: Management 'Early Days'
« Reply #129 on: 14-06-18, 11:17PM »
So the managers should be working extra hours for free! I never seen a manager fill all night so if they do for you then good on them. They should be working along with the ga's to get the job done and only do the managerial stuff when there is spare time. The only thing my manager did all night was scroll through Facebook and play candy crush. Their job has since been removed so happy days! Still got away with it for ten years though which is a joke in itself. Tesco still needs to cut down on managers and if they are filling shelves then it's obvious that we don't need them so use that wage to pay for triple the amount of hard working, honest ga's.
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Re: Management 'Early Days'
« Reply #130 on: 19-06-18, 01:32PM »
We have a couple of managers who start when they want and finish when they want, they don't even do the 36.5 hours they get paid for,  lucky if they do 30, store manager comes in at 1000 and gone by 1630 so he wont do anything, would love to see the response if it was a GA getting paid for hours they never did.


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Re: Management 'Early Days'
« Reply #131 on: 19-06-18, 05:22PM »
That's because management don't clock in or out.

If they did the company would quickly find 2 groups:-
1) The "I barely do my hours type". Come in late, leave early, take full break entitlements as well as multiple additional fag breaks.
2) The "Developer/Arse Licker". Arrives  early, skips breaks and stays on working  multiple unpaid hours a week.

Hopefully as minimum wage rises the threat of someone in group 2 suing for being paid less will see a change in this rule.