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Author Topic: Restructure Leaks  (Read 17883 times)


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Restructure Leaks
« on: 25-02-15, 07:17PM »
Here is the info that was leaked previously on VLH, which might help to answer some of your questions now.
It is in the form of FAQs for Store Managers.
Store Management Structures: Frequently Asked Questions 14th February 2015

Announcement / Briefing
What should I do if someone who needs to be in consultation is abroad and we have not been able to contact them to attend a briefing?

 The consultation will begin once the colleague returns to the country. If there is a colleague or relative that is able to contact them, ask if they can request that the colleague abroad contacts you.  If this is not possible, send a letter to their home address inviting them to attend a briefing when they are due back in the country.  This is when their consultation will begin.  The invite to the end of consultation meeting must be sent, with a suitable location for the meeting.

How will the Night Team be briefed?
Information on this can be found in your People Toolkit.  Any affected Night Managers are briefed first and then unaffected, followed by Team Leaders.  You may wish to invite Night Team Managers that are not due to be working into your day briefings. 

Are Security Team Leaders affected by the change?
Yes, Security Team Leaders are affected by the change and will need to be treated the same as all other affected Team Leaders.

Are Phone shop team leaders out of scope?
Phone Shop Team Leaders are affected by the change and will need to be treated the same as all other affected Team Leaders.


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Re: Restructure Leaks
« Reply #1 on: 25-02-15, 07:17PM »
Store Management Structures: Frequently Asked Questions #2 

Shape  16th February 2015 


Job matching: 

•We job match colleagues when: 

There are some/ minor changes to the roles (e.g. losing team leader- for full list see the ‘Options for each population of colleagues in Section 1 of the people toolkit). 

There is not a reduction in the numbers of a specific role 

•These colleagues will not be entered into period of consultation, as they are not at risk of redundancy.   

•The options that are available for these colleagues are to move into their job matched role, or apply for a vacant Team Manager role in their/ other store through the cluster process once all affected Managers have been redeployed. 

When should Selection Criteria be applied?   

•When the numbers of roles are reducing e.g. two Grocery Managers being reduced to one Grocery Manager position. 


•When 2 separate roles are combining to 1 role e.g F&F Manager and Non Food Manager combined to a General Merchandise Manager   

•The criteria for scoring in this pack will keep the process for selection objective and fair.  In all cases the highest scoring colleague should then be matched to the remaining role (as a suitable alternative role) and the lowest scoring manager should be entered into consultation and be treated as an affected colleague. 

•The selection criteria should be calculated for applicable colleagues using the same date.   


Affected colleagues: 

•Colleagues are ‘affected’ and at risk of redundancy if their role is removed, or if the number of roles reduce, and they are not matched, as above (see Section 1 of the people toolkit) 

•These colleagues enter into a 45-day redundancy consultation. 

•During this time, colleagues can apply for any of the vacant roles within their store, or through nomination by their Store Manager / Personnel Manager through the cluster process. 

•The Store Manager/ Personnel Manager will then share all of their vacancies, and any nominations with the cluster, where each vacancy & nomination is reviewed. 

•There is no priority for managers within their original store. 

•If there is only one (not red) manager applying for the vacancy by the end of consultation, they will be selected for the role. If there is more than one applicant, the Store Manager will interview them and select the highest scoring applicant. 

  When I consult with my Deputy Manager and their preference is for a Fresh Food Lead Manager (for example), do I just move them across to this role and not declare this as a vacancy? 

•No.  Vacancies cannot be filled before the consultation period has finished. The Deputy Manager role is at risk of redundancy and is not a ‘role match’.   

•They have the option to apply for a role in their current store or any other vacancy within the cluster.   

•They do not have a priority application for this role, but would be considered along with all other affected managers. If there is only 1 affected applicant for this role, they would be appointed, if there was more than 1 affected applicant, they would all be interviewed. 

•Interviews can happen throughout the consultation period as per timelines in the toolkit 

•Final role offer will take place on Day 45 of the consultation process for all affected Managers and not prior to that point.   

Should a Customer Service Manager or Non Food Lead Manager enter into consultation even though both roles have a suitable alternative? 

•In most cases these people should not go into a 45 day consultation as you rightly point out they have a suitable alternative role.   

•If their new structure does not contain their suitable alternative, they will be treated the same as all other ‘affected’ colleagues 

Can you confirm whether Phone Shop and Tech Team are included in the structure change? 

•Yes they are.  We will be removing the Phone Shop and Tech Team Leaders and where applicable Phone Shop Managers will look after the Tech Team Colleagues. 


Can I cancel or change my contributions for Save As You Earn if my circumstances change?   

Due to rules set by HM Revenue & Customs you cannot amend the amount you save once you have applied to join a Save As You Earn scheme. However, you can cancel any of your Save As You Earn schemes at any time and get your savings back. To do this call our Shares Helpline on 0871 384 2976. 


If I have Metro stores that are moving across to my group in week 1, how should I communicate with these stores and will they have any structure changes? 

•These stores are out of scope for the changes in week 53. We will review these stores later in the year, either as part of convenience or part of large stores and make the appropriate changes, after a thorough understanding of the needs 

  Where does the Colleague Room report into? 

•This continues to report to the Personnel Manager 

 What should I do if there are Store Managers, Personnel Managers or Group Structure Coaches who haven’t been briefed on the changes? 

•Contact your GPM in the first instance who will arrange for you to be upskilled in order for the rollout to happen at the same time next Monday 

 If my Group Structure Coach is aligned to my new group, who should I contact for support next week? 

•If you have queries during week 53, you should contact either the structure coach aligned to your new group or your GPM. 

  Why are the new structure role name badges available for colleagues to order on the uniform website? 

•The new online uniform and name badge ordering website went live on Friday 13th February.   

•The list of job titles available cover all existing role titles, including those roles in our new, replacement or pilot stores. There isn’t a change to this list, it is the same list that has been available for the whole of last year, there is just an increased level of visibility with the launch of the new website. 

•We have a full (different) list that will go live in week 53, these remove and add role titles as per the structure change   



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Re: Restructure Leaks
« Reply #2 on: 25-02-15, 07:18PM »
Store Management Structures: Frequently Asked Questions #3
19th February 2015


When and who should complete the selection criteria?

. Selection Criteria needs to be completed before the briefings on Monday, so we know which colleagues are affected and which are not as they will need a different briefing. This exercise needs to be completed by the Store Manager, Personnel Manager or both.

What performance review data should I use when completing the selection criteria?

You should use the two most recent reviews e.g. Half Year and End of Year or Half Year and Quarter Three (if applicable).

My store opened last year with the new management structure, on the new ‘to-be’ structure there are some changes including losing some roles and gaining others. Is there a brief for my team that is more tailored to our scenario?

. New stores that have opened on the new structure (with the exception of replacement
stores) should not be putting colleagues into a formal consultation process, this also includes Pilot stores.
. You have been provided with a structure chart so that you can move towards this through natural attrition or movement within the store or cluster, without putting colleagues into consultation.
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Re: Restructure Leaks
« Reply #3 on: 25-02-15, 10:15PM »
Store Management Structures: Frequently Asked Questions #3
19th February 2015 continued


Do I hand out the Team Leader and Manager guides (A5 booklet) at their briefing or at their first 121 meeting?

You should hand out at the first 121 meeting.

 Is the Lead Trade Manager or Grocery & GM Manager a suitable alternative for my Non Food Trading Manager?
No. The only role that is a suitable alternative for the Non Food Trading Manager is the new F&F and GM Lead Manager role.

If you don’t have this role in your structure, then the Non-Food Trading Manager is ‘affected’and at risk of redundancy. They would enter into a 45-day consultation period.
.During this time, colleagues can apply for any of the vacancy roles within their store, or through nomination by their store manager or personnel manager for any other vacancy within the cluster
Where there is only one applicant against a vacancy, they will be selected for the role. In the case of more than one applicant, the store manager would interview for the role and then select and appoint the highest scoring candidate
No appointments to be made before the end of the 45 day consultation period.

Does a colleague on maternity leave or pregnant colleague take priority over another affected colleague?

.In regards to applying selection criteria to determine who may be put at risk, colleagues who are pregnant or on Maternity/Paternity/Adoption should have criteria applied in the same way and can be the lowest scorer and therefore be put at risk of redundancy.
. However these colleagues are protected by employment legislation and have special rights in securing a new role. This means that even if the candidate scores lowest in an interview, they must be considered first for any vacancy, as an alternative to redundancy
. We should appoint them into the role and them backfill with a temporary replacement until they return from maternity/paternity/adoptive leave
. For specific help with this, please refer to your Group Personnel Manager

 How do we deal with Checkout Team Leaders, when the budgeted hours reduce?

. In this scenario, you would apply selection criteria to all checkout team leaders to rank the pool
. You would consult with the lowest scorer(s) putting them at risk of redundancy and putting these colleagues into a 45-day consultation period
. You should do this until you get to the closest you can to your budgeted hours
. Where this leads to an individual needing to reduce hours you should follow the full time to part time guidelines (attached as flowchart). This colleague will not be at risk of redundancy, we will be consulting with them around a change of hours
. If the individual is unable to reduce hours, you can ask the other remaining Team Leaders if they would like to reduce hours (and receive a lump sum payment to support this)

. If no one is able to reduce hours to get to budgeted headcount, you should continue to review and use natural attrition to get to budgeted headcount.
. Please use the attached flowchart to help.

What does ‘consult regularly’ look like and how many interim 121s can a colleague have?

. During the 45 day consultation period, a colleague can have as many 121 meetings as they like and their individual needs will dictate how many they should have, but this should be at least 3- the initial 121 meeting, an interim meeting and the end of consultation meeting.

If an individual goes off sick with stress during the consultation process, what should I do?

.You should manage the colleague in line with our usual policy regarding sickness and maintain contact with the colleague.
. If they don’t agree to continue with the consultation process while they are off sick you must stop and wait until they return to re-start individual consultation with them,
. It is important to remember disability discrimination and ensure we follow legal obligations should this apply. Please take advice from Group Personnel Managers as needed.


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Re: Restructure Leaks
« Reply #4 on: 25-02-15, 10:17PM »
Store Management Structures: Frequently Asked Questions #3
19th February 2015 continued


How do we budget payroll for placements? E.g. If you amend the budget in week 7 and we have a placement in the role they will show as a vacancy. Will you take the money off the budget?

.We will need to manually collate any placements in vacant roles in week 7 and flex this amount- replacing with full amount when filled.

 Requesting a Quote

Why can’t Personnel Managers request a redundancy quotation on behalf of colleagues before we start consultations?

. As part of the Management Structure Change we have a number of options available for colleagues, and leaving by reasons of redundancy will be a last resort
. We have a full 45 day consultation period to look into all available options and to work really hard to ensure that we get the best possible results for our colleagues.

Therefore, we would not want to provide the Redundancy Calculation on day one of the consultation as then we are at risk of making the colleagues believe that this is their only option.
. We want to encourage as many colleagues as possible to stay with us. The 45 days are our opportunity to find them alternative roles with us. We want to offer redundancy as a last resort and for that reason it would not be appropriate to provide a quote during day one of consultation.

. The colleague should be given the Management Structure Change A5 booklet during their 121 meeting so that they can go away and explore their options.
. Once they have had some soak time, if they then come back and request a quote we would then process this request for them.

How does the Store Personnel Manager request a quote?

 The Personnel Manager should email structures.support@uk.tesco.com.

The title of the email should be: Quote [insert employee number]

. Within the email the Personnel Manager should provide the store number, the colleague’s full name and the type of quote they require.
. Please only email from a recognised Tesco email account that no other colleague can access.
Do not email from a Stores Email account.
. Quotes should be requested one at a time. Please do not try and do a large batch of
colleagues within one email as we want to ensure that colleague quotes are dealt with on a case by case basis.
. Only apply for quotations that have been explicitly requested by the colleagues, if we give them a quotation for something that they have not requested (e.g. we give a colleagues interested in staying with us a Redundancy Quotation) we are in danger of trying to adversely influence the colleagues decision.

 What type of quotations can be requested?

. Quotations can be made on the explicit request of the colleague.
. The type of quotation which can be requested are for:
o Redundancy
o Lump Sums
o Pensions Quotations for any colleague aged 55 or over.


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Re: Restructure Leaks
« Reply #5 on: 25-02-15, 10:18PM »
Store Management Structures: Frequently Asked Questions #3
19th February 2015 continued

How are you calculating Team Leader lump sum quotations when we don’t know the role they will go into?

When creating the estimates we have made some assumptions about the type of a role a Team Leader moving to a Customer Assistant would take.

These are as follows:

. All (Standard) Team Leaders would move into a C Grade Customer Assistant role.
. A Skilled Team Leader in Bakery would move into a Skilled Baker on E Grade rate of pay.
. A Skilled Team Leader in Tech Team would move to a Tech Advisor D Grade rate of pay.
. A Skilled Team Leader in Dotcom Driver Delivery would move to a Dotcom Customer Delivery Assistant D Grade rate of pay.

We will also be assuming the colleague remains on the same hours, store and department.
Please remember that if the colleague requests to move / drop hours which incurs a further drop in pay, we will not be building this into lump sum amounts.

What do I need to do if the Team Leader will be moving to a different rate of pay than those that have been assumed above?

. We recognise that there may be instances within a department where there are both C and D grade roles, specifically on Counters and Service Desks.
. In both instances we will be assuming these colleagues will move to a C Grade role.
. If you believe the Team Leader would be moving to a different grade / rate of pay than those described above, please specify this when asking for the estimate e.g. ‘please calculate estimate using X Grade for this person’.

Please note if they move to a higher grade/rate of pay the lump sum will reduce as the loss of earnings is less.

 How are you calculating Manager lump sum quotations when we don’t know the role they will go into?

. There are many variations of what the lump sum amount could be for managers, based on if they are dropping hours, moving to a lower paid role or moving from nights to days.
Therefore we can’t make any assumptions about what the lump sum would be.
. When requesting an estimate for a manager you will need to let us know the situation e.g. losing 7 hours from current role, removing night supplement only as moving to days, moving to lower paid role with an estimated amount of what this role would be paid e.g. moving to Team Manager on £23k.
. The more information you can provide for us, the more accurate we can make the estimate.

How are you calculating lump sums for people on part time flexible contracts?

. The information we have from Payroll will only show their core contracted hours and we will have to use this as the basis of their lump sum estimate. However should a colleague on a flexible contract take the lump sum option we will calculate their hours as the average worked over the last 12 weeks and base the payment on this many hours moving to a lower rate of pay.

. Unfortunately we can’t provide this ‘up front’ as the 12 weeks will be those worked prior to the final date of their consultation period and therefore they won’t have worked them all yet (on the first day of consultation).
. We will add to their estimate letter that this is how we have calculated the amount but we would use a 12 week average if they decide to take this option.


What should I do if two affected managers score the same at an interview?

. If you can give a justified reason as to why you would select one over the other, then that is acceptable. However, if that is not the case you should apply selection criteria and offer to the highest scoring candidate.


When will I receive my structure charts for my new group?

. We will send these out via email to Store Directors and Group Personnel Managers on Thursday of week 53.

What is the process for raising exceptions?

. Our starting positions is that we shouldnít have any ëexceptionsí to the structure; we have widely consulted and piloted, considering all known ëuniqueí points in our stores, as part of the design - build process.
. We do however, recognise the need to have a process to listen to our experts around the business and consider requests for ‘exceptions’.
. We also need to be clear and transparent around any deviations to our structure principles and the impacts to costs and profitability, with a clear audit trail and robust governance.
. Once the structure change has landed, there will be a process put in place to raise structure exceptions. We will attend Store Director and Group Personnel Manager meetings from week 2 onwards to describe this process.
. In the interim, we are collating ‘exceptions’ from current groups and expect to have these raised for new groups from week 1 too. The Regional Directors have agreed to be agile with their diaries and we will review these weekly, from next week, prioritising those with people impacts
. You should send through any ‘exceptions’ to structures.support@uk.tesco.com .

. Remember, an exception request should have compelling rationale that isn’t based on an individuals skill and capability to perform in the role and that exceptions will not always be additional headcount.

I have an employee who is at risk of redundancy and should they take this option they will miss out on receiving their Long Service Award by a few months and also their Privilege Card for Life.
Can we make an exception in this case and allow the individual to receive these benefits before they leave?

. No, the policy is clear around the timelines for allowing people to receive such benefits as Long Service Awards or retention of Privilege Card if they don’t reach the eligibility date or meet the criteria.
The only exception to this is for colleagues that would have qualified for these benefits had they worked their full notice period. In these cases you should speak with your GPM and ask that they contact structures.support@uk.tesco.com with colleague details.