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Author Topic: Restructure - Disclosure/Part 2  (Read 282833 times)

auld reekie

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Re: Restructure - Disclosure/Part 2
« Reply #1500 on: 23-02-15, 09:00AM »
Good Luck to all those concerned.

Egg Head

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Re: Restructure - Disclosure/Part 2
« Reply #1501 on: 23-02-15, 09:03AM »


Post your questions, disappointment and lack of clarity around this process

wonder how fast they can edit/delete posts that are not "positive" towards the company

It is "the" choice of the company to hear from staff on how things are effecting them within the business

Knowledge is power - use what you know to ensure all the details are put in place and followed correctly
An emotive time for everyone but make sure you leave your emotions at the door, keep to facts and dont let them use the proven tactic of trying to get an emotive response from you

Plenty has been posted
write key points on a card and keep to the questions you want to ask - dont get side lined
Also take notes of the responses - that freaks them out as they know the answers are recorded - and ask them to repeat the answer so you "get it right"

Be professional at all times....if you can

1 to 1 meetings will be even more emotional....ALWAYS take some one with you and make sure you both have a chat about things before you go in

All the best.....fight for the best you can get and dont let them get your choice out of you to early

"How do you feel about that etc..etc"...a "No comment at this stage" is a sufficient answer when doing initial 1 to 1 meeting...then give your prepared list of questions regarding redundancy amounts/lump sum and pension(if over 55) with a "By what date can you provide this information for me?" at the end - always try to get a time scale, even if it is just an approximation



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Re: Restructure - Disclosure/Part 2
« Reply #1502 on: 23-02-15, 09:11AM »
Our managers have all been in and are done! TLs are next! No tears or yelling this end so take that as you will!

fillious fogg

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Re: Restructure - Disclosure/Part 2
« Reply #1503 on: 23-02-15, 09:21AM »
Good luck guys


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Re: Restructure - Disclosure/Part 2
« Reply #1504 on: 23-02-15, 09:22AM »
I think I'll leave yammer alone today, I've already got high blood pressure


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Re: Restructure - Disclosure/Part 2
« Reply #1505 on: 23-02-15, 09:24AM »
Please continue here Disclosure/23rd, and for benefit of all be as factual/honest as you can.
Nomad ( Forum Admin )
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