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Author Topic: Another Anniversary  (Read 6111 times)

The Mrs

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Another Anniversary
« on: 17-01-15, 01:55AM »
If you’ve read about VLH (if not click HERE) you’ll know that this site was started in 2002 in quite a basic form and it was later decided to switch to SMF Forum Software.

Well, that switch happened on 20th January 2005 so this week the VLH Forum has reached it’s 10th anniversary.

From under 100 members in its first three months it has gone from strength to strength, now with over 4000 current members averaging 3,000,000 hits per month with a recent peak of over 4.5 million and around 400 posts per week, giving present and past employees a place to sound off and to help each other, and on many occasions getting to the truth.

It’s not like Yammer, posts aren’t deleted just because they are uncomplimentary to Tesco, here the truth is encouraged. In its early days the forums were dismissed as just a place for disgruntled employees, but you, the members, have proved that to be wrong with the amount of help and support you give to each other.

Having anonymity has been an important element of it’s success, with no fear of recrimination from the company it has been up to the members to keep each other honest and you generally do. It has recently been approached by the company as regards to possible cooperation but this was politely declined as we know how important having anonymity is to you. VLH is an independent site from Tesco and always will be.

So, from me, The Mrs, Happy Anniversary to the VLH Forums and here’s to the next 10 years. A big thank you to all its members, past and present, for making it the success that it is today.


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Re: Another Anniversary
« Reply #1 on: 17-01-15, 09:37PM »
A big thank you to all that post on here from me as well.

I wasn't one of the founding team of the site, it was up and running already when I joined.   After a while, when they had eventually resigned themselves to the fact I wasn't going away, they asked me to become a moderator and subsequently an administrator.  So lured by the promise of a key to the executive loo and of the soft toilet paper kept there, I accepted.

Over the years I've been with the team I have noticed the spammers, trolls etc have given up, or at least slowed down enough to be ignored. The posters that remained have for the most part been able to offer help and advice to fellow members and the "lurkers" , those that view but never log in.
 That the site has remained for so long is testament to the laws of supply and demand. People obviously feel a need for somewhere they can ask the questions they can't get answers to at work. That the members of VLH can and are willing to supply those answers is to your credit.Once again,  if you have ever answered a query from someone on here, Thank you.

Happy Birthday VLH  :thumbup:
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Re: Another Anniversary
« Reply #2 on: 18-01-15, 04:09PM »
I sat and constructed a long(ish) post to put in this thread, then deleted it.

I started VLH, you have all made it a success.  I financed it for a few years, now a great many of you finance it.  Some have contributed a little information some have contributed a great deal.

Admins & mods have kept it safe, kept it reasonably sensible, kept software up to date.

10 years  8) easy, onwards and upwards  :thumbup:

Nomad ( Forum Admin )
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