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Do You Know..

reps legally can speak in a meeting with managers on your behalf.

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Out Pfs has a high volume of staff on the old contracts many of us have been here 20+ years. Today we were told when the new computerised schedules come into force all the overtime will be given to flexi workers, many of whom are actually checkout staff not Pfs. We’ve been given the option to change
3 Working days left. So long, suckers!

Fed up of the idiot in charge of the department.
He hasn't got a clue what he's doing.

Hi, I've worked for Tesco  around 6 months, just seen my manager regarding the 2 days holiday in lieu of the 2 Bank holidays I worked .. to be told ... No chance !! he then said I have already had 90% of my holiday entitlement ! is that right- how do I find out what my entitlement is? 

07 Mar 2019 - 25% OFF 6 BOTTLE WINE


Is this promotion ongoing.. or only on special occasions.   :P

06 Mar 2019 - Maternity

Hi. My daughter works at tesco and is currently on maternity leave. She is due to go back in July. She had a meeting at work and has said she wants to drop two of her shifts as won't be able to cope with all the hours when she is back. They have refused this and say she can go onto checkouts on
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