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22 Aug 2019 - Pick rate

So our pick rate has gone from 152 to 179 !!! Plus have to use toilet in that time wtf?????

22 Aug 2019 - Hello

Just saying hi to dotcom pickers out there we do a great job who else gets timed for a job and has to go to toilet in that time 🙄

20 Aug 2019 - Canteen

Hi just a quick question how is everyone's canteen now we have lost our canteen staff. Kept clean? Plenty of milk, Coffee tea ?. And clean cups and cutlery to use ?. Thank you

19 Aug 2019 - Stock control

Hi everyone,

Im hoping someone will be able to help.
I started my new role as a non food stock controller 3 weeks ago and im loving it so far but im having a little bit of a problem with gap scan.
Today i was on my department by  myself  and when i did my gap scan on

19 Aug 2019 - Pfs breaks

Can anyone who works in pfs tell me if they always get break cover and if not do they get paid? Our pfs is in the north of England and very busy. We always get disturbed on our breaks to assist customers etc. We very seldom get support from store even though we are meant to be double manned
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