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Do You Know..

if people can not change shifts, then they should be paid for hospital appointments.

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13 Nov 2018 - More jobs going?

Been hearing rumours that they're getting rid of wages clerk & cash office staff.  Also a manager told me that some store managers are going to be running 2 smaller stores like the PMs do.

I was one of the team leaders that lost their job(price integrity) so I was really ple

09 Nov 2018 - Witness statement???

Hi all

Just a quick question, my colleague has written a witness statement for an incident this week but a manager has not written everything down, to protect their own back probably.  They’ve said they want to add bits to the statement and union at our store have said it’s allowed b
Say if a line manager wanted to move someone off one department into another. Are they able to log into said persons Tesco Career portal and apply for the position from there?

I have been hearing stories that the new 18 Mercs have been fitted with a reversing limiter to stop them going back at more than 5mph.  Fine, except that apparently it is stopping the vans reversing up any kind of a slope, for example onto a customer's drive or to turn round in a cul de sa
In this article it is said that 4,700 employers are committed to paying the 'real living wage'.
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