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Do You Know..

Lifestyle Break: staff can take up to 12 months off, and on their return they go back to the same job, hours, pay, if no structure changes.

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Hi..im a CDD and contracted to work 6pm-10pm, last week i brought 2 deliveries back to store as it was past 10pm...team support pulled me in and said next time i dont deliver/attempt to deliver even past my contract time ill be getting a lets talk...everyone else in store finishes bang on time so...

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This topic has been moved to Corona (temp).

This topic has been moved to Corona (temp).

This topic has been moved to Corona (temp).

With the Coronavirus causing people to panic shop and stock pile Pasta , Soaps , Toilet Rolls and tinned stuff etc Tosco ( and other retailers ) must be having a better first quarter than normal for turnover / takings etc when the quarterly results come round ?. Just wondering what excuses will be...

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