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19 Apr 2017 - Sent home sick

Should anyone really ever be disciplined even with a past sickness record or even have a progression of disciplinary stage when they were actually sent home ?

19 Apr 2017 - Rep refused

New partnership agreement allows employee too choose own rep, Management refusing to release saying that they are needed for their job.

Anyone ever had this before.
All over the news that Tesco Opticians has been sold to vision express and all existing staff will be TUPED across. Is this a good thing for Tesco and optical staff?
I'm looking for some advice. My new manager wants to reduce mine and another member of staff's contracted hours. There doesn't seem to be a specific reason for choosing us particularly. It is basically a rollback to a previous contract so I would lose 10 hours a week and my Working Ta
Hi has anyone been able to access their pension information on Legal & General  since the Reimbursing Colleagues payroll review ?  Cheers
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