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Do You Know..

a "dark store" is a dot com warehouse, it's laid out as a store, but is only used for dot com.

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14 Aug 2017 - Incident reporting

Is there a website I can access externally for Incident Reporting? So it can be accessed when not using Tesco MPC computer. Thanks.
Has anybody got a copy :question:

Has anybody seen a copy :question:

Has anybody met anybody who has been told about somebody who had a copy :question:

If you have a copy, OR if you have met anybody who has been told about somebody who had a copy, could I please h

10 Aug 2017 - Carrier bags

As usual no info from Mgmt,now we have customers asking,what is the situation with dot com when 5p bags go?
Will there still be yellow and red ones?

08 Aug 2017 - Review objectives

Anyone else had a review and their targets for their objectives been increased??? Is this right or wrong??? I thought when objectives were set at start of the year they should stay the same??? How are you meant to work towards a met or exceeded for your pay review???????
..or are the dates decided on an adhoc basis?

If adhoc, who decides the dates?
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