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Do You Know..

you should NOT move pallets without safety shoes on.

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19 Sep 2018 - Dave Lewis

After all this time that this person has been in Tesco do you agree that He and his team are just a JOKE ? Do you seriously believe that He is an expert and competent to take Tesco in right direction ? Do you believe that He is only a talkshow guy who has no clue about what he is doing or not ?

19 Sep 2018 - Unpresorted delivery

Just a question for nights operation, if your delivery of grocery is late and your presorter has gone home who does it ? Or is it just left for the next night ? Thanks

18 Sep 2018 - WMTY Result Sept 2018

What were your stores actual results? I am aware that many will have an axe to grind and that many will equally strongly support the company. So hopefully these motivations can be put to one side, and the true results of your store and or department can be provided here. If you do not know the resul

18 Sep 2018 - Metro stores

Just out of interest are there many metro employees here? I work in a store mentioned in the papers, that have apparently been told we are closing. We've heard nothing just wondered is there anyone else in the same situation?

16 Sep 2018 - WMTY

What date does the results for the latest WMTY come out?
We were told nothing about the last one so I'd like to know the date so I can start asking questions  at the right time.
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