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18 Feb 2017 - Uniform choices

I have recently been told (by word of mouth not officially as of yet) that l have to wear the formal uniform not the casual that l have worn for years.  I am getting ready to fight this as an unreasonable request and just wanted to check that l am right in assuming that no where in our contract

16 Feb 2017 - Notice period

I was always under the impression a leaver was supposed to give four weeks notice before leaving the Company, but having read the handbook today, it states that an employee with over one month's service who is a Customer Assistant, (like me) only required to give one weeks' notice.
...and no surprise to see Tesco right down at the bottom, only just above Asda. I imagine this will result in another round pf haranguing us all to improve our customer service, rather than the company taking a good hard look at why morale is rock-bottom and why it is so many people hate shopping in
I don't know if this is happening in anyone else's store but lately our managers seem to be working alone due to other managers holidays and sickness . We are really short staffed and I think this is unfair on our manager they have no breaks and surely this is illegal ???what if they got c
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