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07 Nov 2019 - Tesco.com email

Hi guys. I’m new to the Csd and am having trouble accessing the F11 system. Can anybody tell me how I find out my @Tesco.com email address? Nobody in store seems to know how to get me set up and it’s causing problems when I’m on shift alone and can’t access important functions.

Thank you
I've been away from Tesco for a few weeks, on my return I've been told that team managers are supposed to do 20% of their time on their dept and 80% of their time helping fill grocery etc helping on floor.

Any ideas where this has come from, is there any paperwork or communicati

06 Nov 2019 - Cardiff madness


I'm hearing that deliveries to Booker and One Stop stores in SW will be coming from Tesco Cardiff. Surely this can't be true.. Where do they expect the capacity come from? Any info appreciated.

05 Nov 2019 - investigation meeting

We have a driver who has been called into an investigation for failing to deliver to customers. No details have been given so they can only guess that it was last week when our town centre was chock a block because of an accident and he didn't deliver his last two and as it was they didn't

04 Nov 2019 - Magor Colleague WiFi

Our Colleague WiFi in our Magor Distribution Depot hasn't worked for several weeks. Nobody seems to be doing anything to fix it.
Is it just Magor or is it down in other locations too ?
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