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15 Jan 2020 - Picker performance

Is it just me or are pickers performances being reviewed so that they can get rid of people?

15 Jan 2020 - Driver rating discussion

Anyone any suspicions if this is being used to get rid of staff.

And how could it be defeated, ie since vans were changed nearly all drivers ended up with poorer grades in certain areas obviously due to different vans.

Who would coach drivers, and are they legally entitled to c

14 Jan 2020 - Colleague response team

Have you ever heard of the colleague response team?
They are apparently part of work place relations?

If so can you explain what they do?

Many Thanks  :D

14 Jan 2020 - Attendance review

Is there any rules re an employee's own manager (who the employee and the manager have a poor working relationship) doing the employees Attendance review ?

13 Jan 2020 - Holiday

I had my holiday meeting last year where my manager told me how many days I had to book. All were signed off. I have now been told he has given me  too many days. I’ve booked to go away and I now have to take it unpaid.  Is this my fault for not checking how many days I was entitled too, I
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