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Do You Know..

you should NOT move pallets without safety shoes on.

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14 Apr 2019 - Managers pay

Does anyone know the pay bands for managers? E.g starting salary for a day manager, and a night manager? And how does it work with pay rises / negotiating pay after being appointed for a while?

If anyone has any info that’d great

13 Apr 2019 - voluntary redundancy

Hi I was wondering our dept is over hours according to. Heat maps, could I ask for voluntary redundancy? They say under hours on some other departments but I could not work those areas as health related issues.  I am thinking as a lot of alternate vacancies will he taken by affected colleges fr
In the notes to one of the consultations it says that if an employee finds a new job externally they can sign a disclaimer and leave without any impact on your redundancy package, once collective consultation has finished(likely to be 24th April), providing they can provide proof of job offer and st

12 Apr 2019 - Adjustment/support plan

Dotcom driver unable (temporary but possibly long term injury preventing doing deliveries), has been offered some checkout duty just till end of doctors fit note, or a picking job (less hours and less hourly rate), does anyone know what the usual processes are and how long they last to support emplo

Got this from the news feed on this site, looks like most of us are on our way out.
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