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a staff search must not be done in a public place!

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15 Dec 2018 - Pay Puzzle!


I need - well, who doesn't - some help deciphering my payslip!

I joined on 1st of Dec (induction), and began working my contracted hours on Mon 3rd (15 per week). I'm on the starter rate of £8.131.

Including today (15th), my total working hours have

14 Dec 2018 - Pay question

Just looked at at my last payslip online I'm a leaver and it has  hol/bank hols leavers pay of £****.** and basic pay of £***.** Cr what is  the Cr for ?, I have been with tesco for 19 years.

13 Dec 2018 - New pay rise

Hi can anyone tell me please  from what date should we be NO worse off after our last pay rise as it was stated in the leaflet we had last year about the pay rises . Thank you

I have a question regarding a member of staff in my store. They requested holidays earlier this year for time off for throughout the year, as requested by management. One such holiday has been and gone, since going on holiday they received 2 invitations to an investigation and by the

10 Dec 2018 - Smoking in vans.

As an ex smoker I had a hard time reporting a van once. It had been out all day then back in for reloading then parked in a bay. It stank. Really bad. An hour in i had a headache and my stomach was doing backflips.

It honestly smelled like someone sat and chainsmoked in it all day then s
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