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Does anyone know if we are allowed to keep the staff discount card in the event of redundancy?  I suspect not, but thought it best to check. 

In the light of recent news of counter closes and redundancies, I'm thinking of volunteering for redundancy, though I do

12 Feb 2019 - Grocery site crashed?

Anybody else trying to complete a grocery order on dot com? Payment page has crashed, won’t be many deliveries tomorrow at this rate.   :( >:D >:(
What is your experience with the advise given to you or others in times of redundancy?

Do you trust your reps advice?
Do you trust your Store Managers advice?
Who do you trust to turn to for advice?
Have you (or anybody you know) had good or bad experiences wit
After all this time working for a employer with no direction or clue about what to do except  destroying lives ( I could say it ), ignoring  alerts, ideas , suggestions , experiences ... but  arrogantly  keeping  TRIALS  as a form to cover they lack of  knowledge a

12 Feb 2019 - Holiday cover

I’m a relief trained for a skilled department and I was declined a holiday request due to the other colleague being off at the same time.  Is this right that I shouldn’t be allowed off when it’s not my main department?  I am the only other colleague trained for this in store but just feel
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