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Do You Know..

you could always ask " I want it in writing".

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When you have voiced your opinions to your rep about
health and safety
management bullying etc.

Does you rep actually listen and pass on your concerns to the Usdaw union?

I ask these questions because there seems to be some sort of dis

05 Oct 2018 - Does Tesco trust you?

Given the up and coming trial by Waitrose to unpack customers shopping in their homes whilst the customer is out. Do you think that this (if successful) could be translated to tesco?
Bearing in mind that, tesco colleagues cannot even be trusted by the company (it seems due to the cctv everywher
Will this be extended to the rest of the UK?
Should i
It seems to me that the only union that seems to support its members en-masse through legal action is the GMB.
Have you lost faith in USDAW?How is Unite treating you?
Have Usdaw and Unite lost their way?

04 Oct 2018 - Night premium breakdown

Where can i get the info where it tells me what night premiums  i earn from 10.30 -midnight and what i earn after that until 7am. 

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