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Do You Know..

reps legally can speak in a meeting with managers on your behalf.

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I received a final written warning about 2.5 months back (just before xmas).

today, i received my second. I did mention to them I had one already and asked why is he giving me another. The guy seemed a bit clueless, bless him.

The first one was fair enough but the second one wa
I'm only contracted two nights a week (Sat and Sun) but usually work Wed, Thurs and Friday too as overtime the majority of weeks.

As I've been looking through my payslips I've noticed that I have only been paid for my two contracted nights when I have had them off on holida

25 Feb 2019 - Could pfs be next?

Afternoon everyone,
I am not trying to scaremongering I am genuinely worried about my job.  Does anyone else think there is a chance they could close the kiosk and go pay at pump only? They seem to have cancelled the clock  machines we were meant to have installed. This also worried m

24 Feb 2019 - Job Code Form

I was handed a job change form listing my total hours none of which have changed however my job code has been changed from W44C to W43B. i  havent signed it yet as i want to know what the job code means?

also the new job code has been highlighted as have my breaks.
The things that managers say are reasonable alternatives during the redundancy process is really bugging me, so, here are a few that are not reasonable alternatives; (unless YOU accept that they are reasonable in your circumstances).

nights to days
days to nights
days to twiligh
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