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Do You Know..

you could always ask " I want it in writing".

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26 Nov 2018 - Software on tills

This pretty much hasn't been updated in so many years (Express stores anyway)

Why is it so terrible? I mean there isn't even an option to add a bag for life, when the bag 5p option was there before.

I'm sure that 30 year old software they use on stocks and delive

24 Nov 2018 - equality in union dues

Given the current legal dispute about the disparity of wages between store (read mainly female) and distribution and warehouse (read mainly male) colleagues. Do you think that unions such as usdaw should set an example and have a more equal policy when it comes to their dues?

Should the s

21 Nov 2018 - Express sm

Does anyone know what is the minimum pay grade an SM is on, I've heard it's about £26000 but want some clarification. Thanks

21 Nov 2018 - Christmas fare.

Will you buy any festive food and/or drink from Tesco ?

20 Nov 2018 - Food

Hi,I'm on nights and there's no cook on...again. when this happened before we were allowed a meal deal. Then that became a sandwich only, now a day manager says we aren't allowed ANYTHING. Is this correct? We either have to pay full price or get a kit kat. We don't have a cook on
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