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06 Sep 2016 - Matt's message

A message from Matt Davies – simplifying our service model in store

Earlier this year, we announced some changes to help us run some of our stores a little more simply, while also improving the shopping trip for our customers.

As part of this work, I wanted to let you know that

06 Sep 2016 - Walkout

The union would never strike. What would happen with a mass walkout? Say all colleagues 0900 on 09/09

Would the company be able to do anything with such a mass reaction?

Hypothetical question of course...

05 Sep 2016 - After Monday meeting

Can we keep this thread as factual as possible.

What happen/came out of the meetings  :question:

05 Sep 2016 - No more rumble ?

Amy truth in the rumour going around that some stores will no longer be completing an afternoon rumble as head offie have decided said stores are not busy enough to warrant an afternoon rumble, this would be all well and good but guess what the same rumour says this will result in yet more hours cut

05 Sep 2016 - Redundancy

Some times redundancy can be a golden egg for long time served employees, for others it could be their 2nd or 3rd time in the situation, and be a very stressful time.

My one time was at the right time and allowed me to clear a mortgage.
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