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26 Sep 2016 - Hours Change

Hi all,

Newbie here looking for advice. I have been told my hours don't fit the needs of business anymore and they want to change them. Is there anything I can do? I can't do the hours offered due to other circumstances. Any advice appreciated!


22 Sep 2016 - Pay Query

Is there a time limit on pay queries? I've been looking back at payslips from April & May & I'm sure my pay is wrong. I had 2 days holidays left to take & my manager allocated them for 31st March & 1st April. However I changed departments on 2nd April. When I checked Aprils

21 Sep 2016 - Xmas & New Year

Can anyone confirm for me, what is the 27 Dec classed as this year? I normally work Tuesday, do I have to work it or can I use a BH day or take it unpaid?

Also, as 1 Jan is a Sunday, what would I be paid for working? Is it time and a half as normal for a Sunday?
Does anyone know if anything of significance that could affect staff be it in store, distribution or offices, came out of the colleague event that happened today. I know the senior leadership (aka the chuckle brothers) addressed everyone present and invited questions, no doubt telling all those who
I feel for all those who are having their lives turned upside down at this present time.
If they have not worked for Tosco for all that long then their redundancy package may well be less than their cushion payment ....
Then they have to take into account that their cushion payment will b
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