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03 Nov 2016 - Claim against Tesco

Leigh Day are issuing a Claim against Tosco on 25th November regarding premiums being cut in 2016 pay review.Anyone wanting to put a claim in get in touch by 23rd November.

02 Nov 2016 - Dirty dot com trays

I have just seen the investigation into Asda's dirty trays on BBC Watchdog. Will we be next? I have regularly witnessed bird poo and mould on ours and nobody seems to care.

02 Nov 2016 - Getting out of pension

Does anybody know how to cancel your pension and claim all your money back... been in it under 2 years

02 Nov 2016 - Bank holidays 2017/2018

Hi everyone, need help a couple of staff in my store have been told that they must work good Friday and Easter Monday, both on flexi contracts and it's both there days in. Thanks in advanced.

02 Nov 2016 - Dot com driver hours

For drivers I'd add that you must not exceed 11 hours duty, or 10 hours driving, in any 24 hour period, the period starts when you start work, so if you start at midday and work until 11pm you cannot be asked t
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