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29 Jan 2017 - Audit governance

Does anyone know where I can get this policy please as I was taught a totally different way than the way I am seeing happening ,Red store was ring fenced meaning store was provided a full team(Expresses), all next steps reviewed by line manager and audit signed off by them if still red next level do
I'm a 7.5 hour flexi, I'm contracted Monday and Saturday. I have holiday coming up but I've just been asked to work the Tuesday weds and thurs that week. Can they do that? If so how on earth would a flexi worker actually book a whole week off?
Email from drastic saying dividends will be paid again to shareholders on the back of buying Booker.What about the Staff.Paying them a decent wage.ie The Real Living Wage, and giving back the cuts in premi

Tesco approximately 16 Billion in debt yet they can afford to pay 3 billion for a cash and carry firm.

How do they do it? 

26 Jan 2017 - sick pay

Good morning, can anyone clarify as to what sick pay you receive when over twenty years service? tia
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