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it is strongly advised that you keep a copy of all holiday request forms.

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05 Feb 2018 - Updated Bumblebee

We got told today that sometime this week a new update is coming out which will stagger drivers leaving times and cut out down time while out on runs.
Where do they get the idea that we have loads of down time while out on the road?
It's about time the people who are making these deci

03 Feb 2018 - Morrisons pay per hour

Just heard that morrisons hourly rate is going to be £8.70 per hour so are we the lowest paid supermarket now?

03 Feb 2018 - Foodbank contributions?

Had a customer ask if we take contributions for the food bank. Had to tell her I had no idea. Didn't even know it was a thing. Do we?

03 Feb 2018 - New Contracts

Are new contracts being given to any drivers out there just because your store manager wants to share out the evenings and weekend shifts to everyone and so other drivers who work during the week and on days get their equal share too?
Are both depots happy with the new offer tesco have put on the table for them or will a it be voted out then a vote for industrial action be on the cards?
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