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19 Oct 2016 - The final straw

Ok I have worked for Tesco for a verrrry long time. I, on the whole, have enjoyed working in my store. Good bunch of staff, guranteed laugh with someone everyday, mutual respect and left to get on with my job, by management, as always done a good job, taken responsibility for my workload, and ensure

18 Oct 2016 - Moving Hours

Re. Current reshuffle ... Childcare commitments: According to my store only 'primary' carers can count towards 'unavailability'.  Absolutely any other relationship is discounted and that includes grandparents etc, even if the commitment has been longstanding.  Just chec
I have recently been diagnosed with a disability that is covered under the equality act, with the recent changes regarding twilight's my hours are now being moved to times that will be detrimental to my health. No support or adjustments have been given to me yet can I be made to move my hours o
Can anyone explain if there is an official policy to ban a customer who is often verbally abusive towards staff, there have been no threats just offensive remarks and the customer is not suspected of nicking anything but why should anyone have to put up with being called offensive names while doing

17 Oct 2016 - Sickness Absence Policy

Heres link to new policy which comes into effect tomorrow.

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