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Do You Know..

MM must ask if you wish rep/companion at meeting, and arrange if you state yes. Failure to offer/arrange is breach of procedure.

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Can a manager force me to go through a gross misconduct disciplinary meeting without a rep, even if I have asked for one and tried to find one ?  ... got my disciplinary letter last Thurs to inform me the hearing would be today ( Mon ) so I approached a rep on Thurs to ask if he would come into

02 Jul 2018 - Investigation while sick

I’m off sick with stress and anxiety, it’s been brought on by work because I’m being targeted by people in store and false complaints keep getting put in, the last 2 have been thrown out but hearing I’m having to go to another investigation brought on a panic attack at work.

I got multipl

30 Jun 2018 - skills payments

hi all,im a dot com team support, tomorrow im being informed by my manager than on a sunday , if me and the other team support is in only one of us is going to get the skills payment. so effectively one of us is going to be paid g.a rate for us both doing the same job. also as we both usually do 6-2

29 Jun 2018 - Job code change

Hi. looking for a bit of advice if possible.

I have been asked to sign a job code form.

My current job code and department code are W40B and 37P and they want to change it to W85C and 37N

when I asked what it was for I was told "Don't worry about it, it

28 Jun 2018 - Store Transfer


I've been looking through the policies but can't seem to locate a policy on store transfer.

I would be looking to possibly transfer store when I am back off leave due to moving house.
Is this something tesco have to accomadate? Would I do a straight transfer
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