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Do You Know..

it is strongly advised that you keep a copy of all holiday request forms.

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Hope this doesn't derail Drastic's the 'Funny-Farm' Danish pork moneymaker?

Fact or Porkies? More to follow.

SILENCE ON BANGER VIRUSTesco refuses to confirm or deny if it is UK supermarket w
Had a strange case in my store recently. A member of staff secretly recorded a conversation they had with our night manager,  and a meeting they had (all without other parties permission).

They then tried to appeal meeting outcome and raise a grievace for bullying.  The person (
Working on reductions in produce.  Night team normally pull off tomorrows dates for me to reduce tomorrow.  Now I find myself facing a disciplinary for missing half a cage of reductions that were hidden in our chiller, what am I to do?

17 Aug 2017 - LETS TALK

I transferred to a different Tesco and had only been there for 3 days when I  said I'd do overtime outside of my contracted days, but fell ill.  When I went back in I got called in to do a return to work form.  Sorted that out (I'd been off for 4 days with vomiting & dia

15 Aug 2017 - Changing Hours

Does anyone know how often you can have your hours changed? 
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