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09 Jan 2017 - Job losses


500 jobs to lost in depo shake up, who saw this one coming? Is the worst still to come in the year?

08 Jan 2017 - Jobs

If a job in another store is listed online, can you apply for it online? A colleague has been told they can only apply if it is the same pay grade as their current role, eg a GA couldn't apply for a manager job online, they have to work towards management first?

08 Jan 2017 - Absence

If you go home sick after having worked more than half your shift, is the rest included in your absence %. It is my understanding that it isn't. Just want to double check.

07 Jan 2017 - DSS responsibility?

Since the restructure of hardlines, with whom does the DSS paperwork now lie?? Have no knowledge of this, so thought my learned friends on this site could enlighten me to reply to my colleagues enquiry ??? ???

05 Jan 2017 - Managers pay

Happy new year all. I would like some advice if possible about 12 years ago I was given a job as a manager. I stepped down about 2 years ago to work 30 hours on produce. My question is at the time I was put on a bridging program as I only scored 24 points and you needed 25 points or more. My rate of
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