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08 Feb 2017 - Turn Around Bonus 2016

If we did not take our 2016 Turn Around Bonus in cash I am correct we should have had a share certificate sent to us ?

07 Feb 2017 - Ireland tosco's

Has any one seen what's happening in Ireland Tescos.  Going after old contracts again.  Mandate are a strong union in Ireland if they can't stop it happening there we have no chance with our p***y clart Union.  They staved it off last year with the threat of strike action bu
I, just of curiosity, looked on Tesco careers for what entails the job of a store manager.

Dunno how my SM got their job ??? It states that an SM is expected to do a week of twilights/night shift every 12 weeks  ??? ??? ;D ;D :D :D :D :D

03 Feb 2017 - Grocery Team Manager

Hi all. I am currently a Deputy Manager in express. I am looking to move to Grocery Team Manager in an extra store covering the areas of Ambient, warehouse, BWS and frozen.

Could anyone tell me what the working pattern of this role will be and if there will be a big difference from my cur

29 Jan 2017 - Criminal record checks

Thought it would be interesting and useful to start a thread regarding the introduction of criminal record checks in stores for all CDA's, specifically what would happen to someone who did have a serious crime discovered during the check (maybe even served time in jail and now released) and the
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