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Please help

I am on long sick from last year end of October 2016 nearly 5  month.

Stress .
I got pay SSP basic
I got new sick note from doctor cover to 10 April.

I don't using bank holiday and most "normal holidays . I got 1
Just learned of one of our drivers kicking off because a customer complained that he was 20 minutes early which he strongly disputed.  He turned up during the four hour window originally booked by the customer but before the one hour slot confirmed to the customer by text by the scheduling pack

09 Mar 2017 - I'm leaving!

I've had enough.. I've got another job
I understand I need to give a weeks notice?
Or do I ? .. can I just say I quit give notice with immediate effect and walk out.
What can Tesco do about that, I won't EVER need a reference from them.
Or can I give notice for the
26th of March 2017 the clocks go forward, who changes the time on the CCTV (or is it automatic).

It is a Legal requirement to ensure that the time is accurate
Hi guys,

First post here. I need some advice regarding the sick policy. I am currently in a dispute with my SM over how many days company sick pay I am entitled to. I have to be careful how much detail I go into, but first of all, am I correct in assuming that an employee with over six y
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