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Do You Know..

if people can not change shifts, then they should be paid for hospital appointments.

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04 Apr 2018 - Dot com ‘rules’

So our pickrate has gone up, 142. Most of us struggle to hit that consistently due to the sequence of the store being a complete mess but they say it’s quicker but it really isn’t, takes us back and forth down the same aisle and one end of the store to another 🙄. So a lot of us h

04 Apr 2018 - Activation code anyone

Got my first pay this Friday but they’ve stopped paper payslips which is where you get your activation code to view your online payslip my manager says they’ve asked wages is there anyway for me to find it out without waiting on them as it’s my first pay it’s important I view it thanks

03 Apr 2018 - Can we refuse?

Our driver manager has come up with the bright idea of one of their favourites going out in the van with another driver to asses them and to pass back their recommendations to the manager. While they are doing this another driver has to come in and do their contractual run.
Would it be consider

03 Apr 2018 - Delivery saver plan

Anyone received any money off codes for staff delivery saver service.. thanks

02 Apr 2018 - How many hours ?

If you work for Tesco (or did in the recent past) how many hours do/did you work a week ?

Secondary, how many hours would you like to work a week either in Tesco or elsewhere?
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