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Hi has any noticed Retirement savings has moved to the same column as Ni employee contributions & tax ? Also have paid less Retirement Saving and more tax & Ni contributions is this to with reimbursing colleagues following payroll review?

05 Apr 2017 - Tesco Profits 2016/017

Tesco announce profits on 12 April.This is expected to be at least £1.2 Billion, up from £944 Million last year.No excuse for drastic not pay its hard working staff a decent pay rise and pay the full bonus of 3.5%.
I am sorry I have to go and sit in a darkened room.

Lost for words


03 Apr 2017 - minium wage

hi i currently work at tesco part time as a customer assistant and i get paid £7.24 im over 25 so i was wondering if my wages go up as the minimum wage when up on the 1st of april to £7.50
Can anybody explain what this is?
Whatever it is it happened in the last couple of hours? But I can't make head-nor-tail of it.

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