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a staff search must not be done in a public place!

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Hi I've been working on checkouts for 4 months and I'm on flexi contract, any possibility I could get rid of Sat*rdays! Also move from checkouts? On 9.25 hours contract.

19 Dec 2018 - Discount not working

Hi all,

Ever since the most recent double discount my discount has completely stopped working! I rang the Colleague Clubcard helpline last Friday to which I was informed that in "turning on the double discount it knocked out a few thousand colleague cards so their discount got knocke

18 Dec 2018 - Happy Christmas and 2019

Whatever your race, culture or belief

 I wish all members a

:) Happy Christmas  :)

Also a thank you to all who have helped keep VLH alive for another year  :thumbup:

17 Dec 2018 - Colleague Clubcard


I was just wondering if this was just a rumour but is it true they have changed the amount of
months you have to work for the company from 6 to 3 to get a Colleague Clubcard?

I heard this from another CA who was a manager from another store?


17 Dec 2018 - Xmas hours

Is it true that if I work Xmas Eve then I don't have to work Xmas Eve? Some at my store think it is,but seeing as my manager can't be ar**d doing our Xmas hours I've no idea
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