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16 Jan 2017 - Night team going

Just been told our night team is going..
Starts April...we are a very profitable super store taking nearly 1million a week ...how the hell is this going to work
Extras losing night team aswell... (-*-)

13 Jan 2017 - Holidays

I was a nightshift employee that went to twilight, I have been checking the ourtesco website and my payslip to see how many holidays I am entitled too.
How was the change worked out for holidays as I worked 2 nights on nightshift and now work 4 nights on twilight.

On the our tesco we

13 Jan 2017 - Non Food Delivery

Has anybody been told what 'time' non Food delivery needs to get done by

12 Jan 2017 - Last day!

Going in to do my last shift today.   
Nearly five years driving ..     

 Mixed feelings.     Not the worst company I have worked for.   

 And they picked me up in the depths of recession and unemployment.   But,  its going now
I see Daves using his old pals act and has appointed a friend of his from Unilever to join the executive board.

Dear colleagues,
I am delighted to let you know that Alessandra Bellini will be joining us as Chief Customer Officer, as part of the Executive Committee a
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