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Do You Know..

a change to contracts and/or hours worked should follow certain procedures with time scales.

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18 May 2017 - Demotion - hours

Hi all.

I'm a team leader in express. Was given a 3 month trial period for performance etc which I have failed.

What is the outcome of what my options are likely to be?

Drop to a c.a? They say don't have full time hours. The person replacing me is / was on

18 May 2017 - Moving Stores and Pay

Hi I'm moving stores (more hours guaranteed at new store).  I move a week today.  Do I need to do anything to ensure I'm paid correctly? My current store have made a number of errors so I worry they'll make a mess.
Went to work yesterday and read team 5 and found that checkout staff will be *required* to ask all customers from Sunday if they would like to round up their purchase to the nearest 10p and the money going to charity.

I feel that this is offensive as we have collection time at the end of

15 May 2017 - Collusion?

I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on a situation that has happened at the store I work in. I feel unable to speak to anyone in store regarding this matter.
Our senior team lead manager recently brought her partner into our store to remove our racking and a security cage by the ba
Tesco's Women retail workers deserve equal pay for equal work!

Petition launched on change.org

My name is *Karen, I'm 41 and have worked for Tesco Stores as a General assistant for over 16 years
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