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14 Apr 2017 - Contact Dave Lewis

Hi can anyone help ??? I would like to get an email to Dave Lewis or his team does anyone have an email address.  I used one posted on here but it's not in use any more, cheers.

13 Apr 2017 - staff bonus

so we are getting a 3% bonus of our wage last year..question i have is will the cash i opt for be deducted for tax and ni at a total of 32% before being added to my wages or will it be done all together (wages and bonus). thanks guys

13 Apr 2017 - Pension deficit

Do you think the company should be putting money into the pension to reduce the deficit ?

Are the trustees doing a good job ?
Bare with, I will try to keep it short. Someone came in to speak to my manager about me, lets call them man X, Man X apparently from the Benefit office was investigating my partner (doesn't work for Tesco). Manager flippantly tells me of developments and my file was shown to man X with out my c

09 Apr 2017 - night team finally gone

I am one of many who were told this week that our night team was going. There seems to be total confusion about wether we will get redundancy or if so will it be only the bare minimum! Apperently there has been no clear indication from H.O what they have decided. Can anybody who have been told this
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