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Do You Know..

if your break gets interrupted it resets to the beginning again. So if you get called off of your hour break after fifteen minutes to tip a wagon you restart the hour not the remaining 45 minutes.

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Hi everyone

I currently work on checkouts the evening shifts 6pm- 12am Friday Saturday and mondays. Ive asked my manager twice on two different occasions if i can change my shifts to morning because two colleagues that worked the morning shifts have left . Both times my request was decli
My girlfriend had a week off work with a pregnancy related illness, our manager told her that her sick waiting days are still applied like normal sick. Having read the maternity pack it says the waiting days don’t apply, so should she have received the full 5 days pay and not just 2? Can someone adv
Had this yesterday and have to say that I am not sure that I am comfortable with a third party listening in and recording my voice without my express consent.  Thoughts?
Hi everyone, I worked with the company for around 5 years, leaving for a year for personal reasons, stupidly actually leaving instead of taking a career break. I am currently applying to come back and have applied to a local express and have been called in for interview and it all seems pretty posit

25 Jun 2019 - Interview in store

              Can anybody confirm who conducts interviews within store, as in my store I'm hearing rumours that a standard GA has been doing them as they are seen as a trusted person by management. Surely this can't be right can it and if
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