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Hi wonder if anyone can help me, I've been dismissed with no warning no notice, went into work told I'd not passed my probation and I'm not entitled to any notice period.  Was not given notice for the meeting or allowed a witness.  I was 5 days from the end of probation, oth
White men are becoming an "endangered species" in top business jobs as companies take on more women and ethnic minorities, Tesco's chairman has said.John Allan told a retail conference "the pendulum has swung very significantly" - even though white men still dominate in U

11 Mar 2017 - Double up

Do any store double up ..
 i.e. If a driver doesn't have a run he teams up with someone who has a big run?

11 Mar 2017 - Clock on off??

Ok I'll try and explain this and see what you think ..

As drivers we work a 6pm shift to 10 pm.......
Ok we so if clock in at 5.46pm ... our manager tells us that the clock runs in 15 minute segments ( so our start time is actually 6pm not 5.46) so we can't clock off until
"When an organisation actually understands that exhausted employees are not actually that productive, when they understand that people need breaks, when they're looking at the whole picture in terms of a work life balance, that's what I believe results in the greatest success." <
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