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Do You Know..

you could always ask " I want it in writing".

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23 May 2017 - Question of theft

This is a hypothetical question if you get my drift  ;)

If one is accused of theft, does one have rights to insist the police be called in to investigate, rather than have the kangaroo court of the inept SM sack you, blackening your family good name and losing your income into the ba

23 May 2017 - Social Media

Comments welcomed regarding investigation for historical social media posts that occurred and were many years prior to employment with the company.

22 May 2017 - Tribunal claim

Hi everyone,

I'm desperately seeking advice. I've had a grievance on-going at Tosco and went through that and the appeals process. Grievance has been not upheld. Union were backing me all the way until the appeal decline and I asked to apply to their lawyers for tribunal assista
 I have started a broader thread to open up a debate for those that wish to debate, the positive, negative and potential knock on effects of such claims.

A debate that has the potential to be passionate, opinions that are also passionate that stem from heartfelt belief.

I feel

21 May 2017 - Investigatory mtg

Does anyone know if there is a new process for Investigatory meetings please
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