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As a VLH Supporter your donation not only opens to you other areas and functions of VLH, it also will help to keep VLH available to present and future members. VLH is maintained purely for the benefit of those interested in the company and its subsidiaries.

Due to the support of members VLH carries no annoying advertisements nor does it spam its members.

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We are sorry but it appears you are not as yet a VLH Supporter, Downloads-4-U is only available to VLH Supporters as appreciation for their support.

It contains links and downloads to information that members of VLH have considered useful.

You may wish to consider the minimum donation of £2.00 (less than 4p a week) for one year to have access to all the areas and functions available to supporters.

To find out more please click on the following link, VLH Supporters Benefits.

VeryLittleHelps.com (VLH)

VLH: We must make clear that VLH is an independent website/forum, it has no connection to any company, no company has any say in the running of VLH, no company has any right to membership information, no membership information is passed or sold to any company.

If you have passed this way before and read the following text here is the link to the list of Supporters' Benefits, if not please read on.

VLH came to internet in 2002, in its early form it was a quickly thrown together website. Its creator (a website writing novice) felt that there was something lacking in the current forms of communication within the company, these were primarily through the company and/or its dominant (perhaps over friendly) union, a need for staff to be able to communicate with each other by another method with more freedom was needed.

It has to be admitted that a certain amount of angst against the company at the time was involved in the decision to create VLH, but it was the lack of flow of information that was the main driver. The creator was involved in a grievance lasting 3 years, it went before three different GMs and two different directors before they conceded to the arguments being put before them, and returned to the status that existed 3 years prior. Better to be up in arms than down on your knees, you can’t fight on your knees.

Hence the name verylittlehelps, everylittlehelps was considered but not only did it not fit the reason for the sites existence, but we all know how touchy some powerful companies can be about things. It transpired in 2003 that an employee, not the owner of VLH, was called to an office and warned that VLH would be referred to the legal department, but we are still here.

In the latter part of 2004 it was realised that due to its popularity and growing readership it could not continue in its current form, which was a very open structure with membership not being a requirement, this open structure led to a great many personal messages being sent to the creator from some very sad individuals, these were treated appropriately and consigned to the recycle bin. Even recently emails are received from persons formally of the higher management ranks who are disturbed by the existence of VLH, or perhaps they are just disturbed.

In January 2005 VLH was rewritten to take advantage of one of the many open source forum software packages to be found on the net, Simple Machines Forum.. This step and the rapid growth in membership meant that a set of rules and guidelines had, by necessity, to be developed to keep the site within the law and out of corporate clutches. As the site grew additional administrators and moderators had to be appointed, this was and is always done with consultation with existing admins & mods, apart from the obvious characteristics needed to be a moderator we have tried to cover most departments of the company and most regions. VLH admins & mods are spread throughout the UK.

Since 2005 VLH has undergone steady growth and improvements due to the support of its loyal and ever growing members, many thanks to you all, if you stay with us we will stay with you.

VLH is still an independent site owned by one individual. 2002 - 2010 it was financed by the individual with the help of a small group of regular contributors, many thanks to those who contributed to the running costs of this site. It is administered and moderated by a great group of individuals who do not always agree, but agree that it's OK to disagree (most of the time).

In mid 2010 VLH was getting over 3 million hits a month, due to this the hosting package had to be upgraded to maintain an acceptable level of connection for all members, this also meant a considerable increase in costs. After much deliberation it was decided that VLH would seek a donation from supporters for access to certain areas and functions. Supporters' Benefits

VLH will endeavour to continue to bring the latest news to its members and be the means for them to share news and advice with each other. Perhaps also share a laugh or two and make life long friends (partners).

VLH was created for the benefit of staff and that is what it will remain, finances permitting, and remember;

VLH does NOT: do spam, popups, popunders or advertising.
VLH is NOT: financially, or otherwise, connected to or controlled by any company.
VLH does NOT: pass, sell or trade any member details with a third party.
VLH is totally funded by voluntary donations from its supporters.
VLH guards and respects the anonymity wishes of its members.

Additional content, areas and functions for supporters of verylittlehelps.com
To become a VLH supporter for one year donate a minimum of £2.00 (less than 4p a week).
( Please note: the minimum donation of £2 must be as a single transaction to trigger the automatic change to your membership status )

Donations are used for the running costs of VLH and to avoid the need for annoying advertisements on VLH,
They are not used for the enrichment of any person or persons.

You must be registered and logged in to be able to donate and support VLH.

List of Supporter benefits.

Start New topics.
No one discussing a matter that concerns you? then start a new topic.
NOTE: VLH moderators may delete or edit posts by non supporters that, in their opinion, intentionally or unintentionally hijack an existing topic.

Downloads 4 U (click on Site menu)
In this section you will find some useful work related information in PDF, Word doc or PowerPoint format for you to download, there are also links to work related information on external sites. Verylittlehelps.com is not responsible for the content of external sites. The information contained in the downloads from VLH are presented in good faith but should be verified locally to your place of work.

This handy little option displays a topic in a neat text version, ready for printing using your browers print option.
TIP: save your colour cartridge use VLH Print.

Have a Natter (A forum section).
This is the place to discuss everything and anything, and perhaps indulge in some fun. Moderators & administrators will endeavour to have as light a touch as possible here.

NOT the film! but adds a personal element to your posts. If you can't find one on the server you like you can upload your own to the site (size limits apply).

Personal Messages (PMs)
Send/receive personal messages to/from other VLH supporters. Personal Messages reveal no information to the other person except your forum display name (the name shown beside your posts), your email address is not revealed as PMs are an on site facility. Please remember if you send an unsolicited PM you may not get a reply.

Attachments to posts.
Attach pictures and/or files to your posts for all to see. (As normal: file size and type restrictions apply.)

Media Gallery.
Share your pictures, videos and music with others.
(Some albums and pictures are viewable by regular members.)

(NEW)Theme Changer.
You can select from various themes to suit you prefered viewing pleasure. More themes will be added in due course.

NOTE: The above list is flexible; we reserve the right to introduce new item(s), modify or discontinue any item(s), make item(s) available to all members.

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