Another issue, sorry.  I don't know if it's just our store or Tesco company policy but we have been told that only one person from the department can be off at any one time.  Now there are twelve of us on our department and we can't all work round each other.  It is cau

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Pay differences at Tesco

Hi,  Can anyone please explain why Customer Service staff are paid more than other staff?  I work in the PFS and a lot of us feel very aggrieved about this issue.  We deal with all sorts of issues as well as having the responsibility of the fuel and as we're isolated from the mai

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Welcome back timeout limit

Hi i was due a welcome back which managers never done, was told it would be next day, again wasnt done due to insufficient time, does this have to be done in the first 24 hours or has to not go ahead. Certainly wasnt done by the book which i thought was immediately on return

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Tesco social media policy.

Is it possible to get into trouble by constantly posting memes on Facebook which appears critical of the company and workers but yet doesn't name them? They are viewable to anyone and seems to be veiled threats and insults. 

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Uniform, Let's talk.

Hi guys,both me and a colleague have had a let's talk today. Today's was about not wearing correct uniform,we had blue shirts on under our jackets and NOT once could they be seen on the shop floor. To be honest this manager hates us,you can just tell. I didn't sign it though, is there

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