Structure change/redundancy.

This may turn out to be long winded so hopefully someone can stick with t and maybe help too.  I work merchandising nights. I do a 4pm-12pm Sunday then 3 10-6 shifts mon-wed nights.  My colleague does exactly the same as me.

The first meeting when the news broke 2 months or so a

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Driver being pushed out ?

I'm a dotcom driver but recently developed pain in an old injury, Asked and indeed have line (for about 6 weeks) for adjustments to be made from GP, stating no heavy lifting etc. have tried to get manager to put me on C&C which i find doesn't aggravate the problem as the driving/delive

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Hi, I was in store as a customer the other day,I spotted a chap ping fillet steaks into his bag. I went to security at the front and tried to point him out on the CCTV console,well one the "ladies" at customer service started saying "he's not allowed to look,he's not allowed

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Managers pay

Does anyone know the pay bands for managers? E.g starting salary for a day manager, and a night manager? And how does it work with pay rises / negotiating pay after being appointed for a while?

If anyone has any info that’d great

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voluntary redundancy

Hi I was wondering our dept is over hours according to. Heat maps, could I ask for voluntary redundancy? They say under hours on some other departments but I could not work those areas as health related issues.  I am thinking as a lot of alternate vacancies will he taken by affected colleges fr

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