5yr SAYE all paid up now?

Hi - my payslip was a bit healthier today, can anyone else confirm that they have not had their 5yr SAYE (maturing March 2020) payment taken off today's payslip? I just want to make sure it's not a mistake and other people are seeing the same?

(5x12 payments = 60x payments taken

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New Starter pay rate

Hi, I started at Tesco 12 weeks ago and am being paid the starter rate of £8.21 p/h.  Does anyone know if the rate should still be £8.21 now that there has been a pay rise for established staff? I thought that starter rate was 90% but my payslip for this month still shows the same rate I was ge

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How much sickness am I entitled to?

Hi, I have been working for Tesco for 1 Year and 1 week -  Have now been signed off sick.. I know I don't get paid for the first 3 days,
so my questions are ....

1, I work 3 days contracted  and 2 days Flexi, Will I just get sick pay for the 3 days contracted I do?

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Flexi contract and childcare

Hello everyone,

I've been employed by tesco on a 26 hour flexi contract coming up on 4 years, in that time I've picked up the odd overtime shift here and there to help out but since having my first child I've had to cut that down to almost none. My department has recently

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Useless Daw - Time for Action?

Before I get shot down in flames this isn't a dig at my fellow colleagues who are Union Reps and have to deal with being the face of Useless Daw but Useless Daw itself.

Given how many people are being shafted time and time again I personally feel it's time there was a mass exodu

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