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Do You Know..

reps legally can speak in a meeting with managers on your behalf.

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The our tesco document doesn't clearly mention it directly for pickers. I am not sure which category of workers a picker comes under.


19 Jul 2019 - Tax Bill

I've just received a tax bill from HMRC, which I'm fuming about.  According to our wages department this is because of the extra pay month in the last tax year but the amount I've been billed almost as much as my yearly contribution is anyway.  I've queried it with HMRC
Anybody know a quick way of reducing loose produce? Under the old PDA (Lat month) I could select a percentage once and weigh multiple bags without reentering the percentage.
New system requires every single bag of the same produce to be weighed and then select the percentage.
Compared to l
Can someone explain how to deal with someone being out of store on company or Union business with the tablet? Atm were losing the hours on the department that day as they are scheduled in for it but out of store.
I got my @tesco.com set up at work today and I was not informed how to use it.

I tried adding it to Gmail via POP3 but I got rejected from the server (server was some default office365 server). Anyone know how to do this?
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