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I got my @tesco.com set up at work today and I was not informed how to use it.

I tried adding it to Gmail via POP3 but I got rejected from the server (server was some default office365 server). Anyone know how to do this?
Hi all, I’m currently a Front End Team Support in a smallish superstore but have recently been offered a transfer to the same position in an Extra. I know that this probably varies wildly by store but in general are there any changes that I can expect by changing format. In my current store staffing

05 Jul 2019 - Bakery ovens

Hi everyone, we have just been told we are getting new ovens, no date yet but been measured up.  Do you guys think tesco are being crafty and preparing for us to be going  part bake, or has tesco suddenly realized they have to maintain their bakeries.  Any other stores getting new equ

04 Jul 2019 - Sickness Policy Question


I have a absence review meeting comming up soon.

Page 14 of the Sickness and Absence Policy says
"You’re not entitled to be accompanied by legal representatives or family members (unless they also work for Tesco), with the exception of colleagues under 16 yea

03 Jul 2019 - Annual bonus scheme.

This subject may well have been covered before, and I'm sorry if I have missed the answer despite looking for it.  Anyway, I am curious to find out whether we will be getting any bonus due for this year up to 1 September 2019, when the first stage of the 10.45% pay increase starts.  I
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