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17 Oct 2018 - Investigation Meeting


I have a couple of days ago been invited to an investigation meeting to discuss an incident on self-service which involved someone walking out with just over £30 of stuff. One colleague had put one of the self-service tills in assist mode and a customer managed to somehow void thei

17 Oct 2018 - Latest results

What with the latest results been hailed as great by Dl and Co with the 24% increase in profits, how much is due to the loss of premiums to staff and once staff have been squeezed to the limit where will these increases come from, once staff have been cut further and stores poorly filled customers w

15 Oct 2018 - New benefit ??

Tesco are trialling a new partnership with a company called "salary finance" who in essence are pay day money lenders , so Tesco after taking our pay benefits such as our Sunday premiums, bank holiday premiums,part of our night enhancements ,  given us in real terms pay cuts for the l

11 Oct 2018 - Scheduler equipment

What is this?

gomezz Spelling in topic title corrected as my OCD could not let me ignore it

10 Oct 2018 - Jack's

What is your gut instinct ?
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