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Do You Know..

Holidays can be booked as single days as well as whole weeks.

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07 May 2019 - Flexi Hours & Scheduler

So my manager asked me to fill in an availability sheet for the upcoming scheduler system we are having. I am a flexi contract with my core hours being 12. I understand I am supposed to have an availability window of up to 48 hours, which is basically impossible as I am at university full t

06 May 2019 - Sickness

Hi, I'm due to have an AR tomorrow.  Two weeks ago I was off for 1 night due to a severe migraine.  I was off in Jan with the flu for which I received a verbal warning.  What are the chances of me getting a written warning this time?

The migraine was basically brought

05 May 2019 - Best times

As we approach the final week for a lot of our affected colleagues.....what are the best memories you're taking with you?? What will you miss....what was the funniest thing you recall  :D
Hi all, I'm a retained firefighter and want to confirm whether I should be paid or not if I've been called out for emergencies before my start time and it's ran into part of my shift. Also if I've been allowed to be available during my Tesco shift and been called out, do I get pa

can someone please give me their understanding of Tesco policy and legal regulation regarding wasting damaged or reducing any beers, wine or spirits....especially in Scottish stores.

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