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Do You Know..

reps legally can speak in a meeting with managers on your behalf.

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Has any one heard of any reason line managers have been frozen in the company.
No movements ,role changes, appointments.

Is any one aware of a pilot / trial currently underway with line manager / manager structure

Many thanks

13 Jun 2019 - false advertising?


I couldn't create a new thread maybe a moderator could move this into a separate thread. Anyway a friend of mine recently applied for a job at Tesco as she likes the new part time odd hour job

I currently work in a busy store in the main city centre.

I’ve recently been told we need to write our breaks in the blue book to get paid. I’ve spoken to other shift leaders round this area & also asked them if they’ve been getting paid breaks some say it’s so incon
Hello all

Currently long term sick, trying to make sense of company sick pay entitlement.
Latest policy pdf on our Tesco is 2018, have there been any updates.

As far as I knew it was 6 weeks then 1 week extra per year of service.

Has it changed

Many t

This will affect colleagues who are contracted to work the Monday
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