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Do You Know..

you should NOT move pallets without safety shoes on.

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Today at 11:32 AM - Store presentation ?

Improved, why ?

Deteriorated, why ?

Stayed the same, why ?

22 Nov 2017 - sickness and phoning

do you have to phone in every day when you are off sick if you have already informed them your sick on the first date of absence, would it be a breach of policy if you didnt phone in every day?

20 Nov 2017 - Induction

Hi guys I left the company in May from redundancy. Now I'm going back I've got a shift leader position but have been told I have to attend the 2 day induction. Can anyone clarify if I really do need this. It seems a bit pointless to me. Thanks
the title says it all....
Does anybody on here have access to the Safe-System-Of-Working for the store-warehouse? If so it would be much appreciated if you could pass on any knowledge of it. Or best case, supply a copy-and-paste copy of it on this thread.

Please try to keep this thread to a fact/reference-standard
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