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Title: Depression
Post by: Nightslave on 13-02-20, 01:20PM
There is a member of staff in our store who posted on his own Facebook page that he was going to take his life at home, picture included a vast quantity of different pills. He has been told its gross misconduct to post stuff like that. Ie. It impacts other members of staff to carry out their jobs etc and for other people who suffer from mind depression. I gather he did it as a cry for help as a last resort. Any feedback on this matter, is it likely to go to a disciplinary hearing etc?
Title: Re: Depression
Post by: NightAndDay on 13-02-20, 01:25PM
If his depression is documented by Tesco, then they're liable to be sued for unfair dismissal if they do fire him under failing to provide duty of care. Not 100% sure how this translates to the equality act 2010 in regards to his condition be treated as a disability and it being recognised by the act as such, but potentially disability discrimination as well.

If the post on social media isn't about Tesco then it doesn't breach Tescos social media policy. If he does get fired as a result of this unfair dismissal along with other damages will be found heavily in favour of the employee.
Title: Re: Depression
Post by: baldeagle on 13-02-20, 02:47PM
The member of staff should be seeking urgent medical help. Has this person seen a GP or other medical professional.I would not be worried about any action being taken against me.But would be looking for medical help for my depression.
Title: Re: Depression
Post by: penguin on 13-02-20, 02:56PM
No way that should go to a meeting, well other than one asking if the person who posted it needs any support, any attempt to take this to a discipline meeting should be grevinced immediately.
Title: Re: Depression
Post by: lucgeo on 13-02-20, 06:38PM
Now then is this colleague a prankster or a habitual attention seeker? If he is a bit immature and it appears from his demeanour in the following days, that he was having a laugh...then I would expect his manager to have a one to one, and point out the silliness of it, and perhaps the insensitivity of the posting, but leave the door open for him to seek further chats,  if he is indeed feeling depressed or worried, but hiding behind the bravado.

Who has told him its gross misconduct? Has he had an investigation and disciplinary meetings?
Title: Re: Depression
Post by: King1999 on 13-02-20, 07:56PM
Tesco has a duty of care to provide a safe place for its employees,customers and anyone else who enters their buildings.This covers a safe envoirnment for physical and mental well being.........I don't know the full details of the above but the company does seem to be hiding behind a lot of help lines and self help.Not good enough,in my eyes,and they are wide open to be sued........for example when they get rid of large groups of people through so called restructure there should be plans in place to ensure anyone directly affected are not going through things like depression etc......pretty sure the caring bunch of twats in charge at the minute haven't given things like this a second thought.In my store I would say the mental health barometer isn't good.Twatco I'm your going to get a hammering in the near future for it.
In a meeting tomorrow about a situation where someone didn't give a s*** about their staffs stress,the company better start preparing itself mental health is something they are directly accountable for no matter how many apps they try to hide behind.
Title: Re: Depression
Post by: lucgeo on 13-02-20, 08:51PM
I did make my feelings clear, in the May redundancy cull, that at no time, did Tesco provide any sort of support, by way of advisors on what help, contacts or benefits on offer to those being made redundant. They could have invited people in for a couple of days a week to advise on pension, shares, possible grants, council tax discounts, retraining programmes etc...only on this site was I made aware of being able to claim job seekers allowance for the six months, and it wasn't means tested.
All the  SM was interested in, was trying to bully people into taking a drop in hours, after 3 months previously, categorically stating "no redundancy". All the managers were interested in, was getting the staff pick up the s*** hours or Sunday's, making out they were doing them a favour. I still have my fingers crossed that the service manager gets what's coming to him, for the below belt antics he tried on me!
What was a very upsetting and unsettling time for everyone, was used and abused by the majority of them to work it to their benefit.
Title: Re: Depression
Post by: Statham7 on 20-02-20, 12:24PM
I myself have suffered with depression for almost 3 years and the company have never done anything to help my illness. For the second time I have just been informed that my job role no longer exists, no offer of redundancy though, they have attempted to change my hours for ones they know I am unable to do.. Yet after the latest redundancies in our store a member of staff who was due to be made redundant was given hours working alongside me, his job still exists and as awful as it sounds I feel like because he has a physical disability that it looks good for them & when I questioned why was he retained on my department I was informed he was actually contracted  officially elsewhere. My mental health has taken another huge battering and I am now off sick again. I am prepared to fight this as much as possible and would appreciate any advice anyone can give me.
Title: Re: Depression
Post by: King1999 on 20-02-20, 02:53PM
Not all disabilities are visible think we've all had some training around that,that would be my first challenge to them.Mental health is a serious illness and the company needs to face up to the fact it's damaged a lot of people of late and admit to it.
Title: Re: Depression
Post by: Statham7 on 21-02-20, 10:47AM
Yes I couldn't agree more, I have a meeting coming up with them and I am going to approach the subject with them again. Thanks for your advice.

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Title: Re: Depression
Post by: lucgeo on 21-02-20, 11:50AM
I'm not understanding this...if the colleague is contracted to another dept, then his hours sit on that dept, so shouldn't be in the equation for your dept's hours. If you have been informed your job role no longer exists, then it is a redundancy issue. You should have been given an availability form for the most / least hours and days you are able to work, and if they don't fit with the hours/ days being offered, then it is a redundancy issue.
If the colleague is doing the same, or very similar shifts/hours/days to you, then to retain him on a dept he is not contracted to, could serve as a detriment to you! They can't just be PC to someone with a disability as it then becomes a reverse prejudice situation against you. It's all very well supporting disabled colleagues, but it must not be at the detriment of non disabled colleagues.
Title: Re: Depression
Post by: Statham7 on 27-02-20, 09:19PM
Hi sorry I have only just seen your post. I've had my meeting, informed them that I have been given no availability form and no offer of redundancy because they claim I will naturally be dissolved into another department. They are attempting to bully me into returning to work otherwise I go down the route of them getting rid of me. I am absolutely fuming but broken at the same time, I'm never going to get them to see what this company has done!
Title: Re: Depression
Post by: lucgeo on 27-02-20, 10:02PM
Well you really need to speak to a rep or phone ACAS advice regarding this, as somethings not right...they have told you your job no longer exists yet they are keeping another colleague, with similar hours on your department, whose hours sit another department? They have not given you an availability form but are ?dissolving? your hours into another dept? What does that even mean?