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Title: Holiday
Post by: Bluemoon on 13-01-20, 05:34PM
I had my holiday meeting last year where my manager told me how many days I had to book. All were signed off. I have now been told he has given me  too many days. I’ve booked to go away and I now have to take it unpaid.  Is this my fault for not checking how many days I was entitled too, I just assumed my manager would get it right.
Title: Re: Holiday
Post by: Justme23 on 13-01-20, 06:52PM
Just check your wage slip and that will tell you how many days you have left.
Title: Re: Holiday
Post by: 80377494 on 13-01-20, 07:29PM

Your wage slip will only show your entitlement and how many days you've taken, not what you have booked. Your January payslip will only show holidays taken up to and including Thursday 02 January.

Have you changed your shift pattern in the last year? e.g. dropped from 5 days to 3 days, etc as this will lower your entitlement. Have you taken holidays that were not requested when you had your holiday meeting?
Title: Re: Holiday
Post by: madness on 13-01-20, 08:23PM
Your days could change if you have increased or decreased your contracted days throughout the year.  unless you take it from the hram system then paysheet sometimes hasnt taken eerything into account. If you are that worried bout being short then pick up a days overtime? I suspect the answer you are looking for is you will get the extra day paid anyway because of the mistake but that's not how it works.

Tip for you work more in the run up to your booked holidays and you will get a bit extra pay in your hols pay compared to a normal contracted month.
Title: Re: Holiday
Post by: forrestgimp on 14-01-20, 06:07AM
i dont understand. can you not shorten another holiday to accommodate your holiday away?
Title: Re: Holiday
Post by: Redshoes on 14-01-20, 07:01AM
Could it be that Christmas and new year bank holidays have not been accounted for. The wages system will not allow more holidays to be put into it that allowed. However, the bank holiday part of the system will. If days have not been saved for Christmas and new year this will leave you short.
Title: Re: Holiday
Post by: lucgeo on 14-01-20, 08:54AM
This was a common problem in my store. B/h entitlement and holidays were often entered incorrectly on the system. Check payslip for days left for both. It always amazed me how often people were told they had to take as unpaid and further down the line told they had b/b entitlement to use or lose. it was never automatically cross checked the moment a discrepancy occurred, not even by the wage clerk!
Title: Re: Holiday
Post by: Mr ford on 14-01-20, 05:30PM
Its totally your responsibility to know how many holidays you are entitled to. Yes the manager is at fault but you will just need to cancel other holidays or take it unpaid.
Title: Re: Holiday
Post by: londoner83 on 14-01-20, 05:41PM
Believe this issue could be resolved if Tesco scrapped the separate headings of holiday/bank holiday and Personal Day and just went with one Holiday to use to cover all 3.
Title: Re: Holiday
Post by: Rad on 14-01-20, 09:25PM
If its this holiday year, the least they can do is offer for you to use some of next years entitlement.
Title: Re: Holiday
Post by: Redshoes on 15-01-20, 08:22AM
Believe this issue could be resolved if Tesco scrapped the separate headings of holiday/bank holiday and Personal Day and just went with one Holiday to use to cover all 3.

Totally agree, we were told a few years ago it was about to happen but never has. The system needs an update.
If you change your working days a catch up is needed to adjust holidays. If you used to work a Tuesday it will stay in system ax Tuesday until manually updated by wages clerk.  Our wages clerk was putting in shift so if you worked 0900-1800 for example this is what was put in system. If you changed your hours to 1000-1900 this messed things up. They now put in full day in my store.
Our manager gives up a print out of holidays 3 or 4 times a year. We are asked to double check. The problem is that as we fill out a holiday form, this is then put in dept diary and to wages. It firstly has to put in diary and system correctly. If holidays are changed and rebooked. This all has to be done again. If we change days this has to be done again. We employ people to do these jobs. We can endeavour to get it right but as people we make errors. We do hold some responsibility for our own holidays. We should not come to work if we are supposed to be on holiday, it happens. We need to check that we use forms and we don't verbally request or hand in dates on scraps of paper. Forms are kept and should be referred back to. We need to check holidays are put on rota/flexi sheets correctly. We then need to come up with a reasonable fix if things do go wrong. The more times you touch these things the bigger the chance us that it goes wrong. At one time we were only allowed to change our holidays if signed off by senior team but this was a store thing.
One last thing. You have a set amount of paid holidays. The company can't issue you more. A fix could be Many things and can come down to relationship between colleague and manager. With a good relationship it's a chat and resolution.