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Title: email
Post by: Flumpyxo on 07-11-19, 12:47PM
Hi guys. I’m new to the Csd and am having trouble accessing the F11 system. Can anybody tell me how I find out my email address? Nobody in store seems to know how to get me set up and it’s causing problems when I’m on shift alone and can’t access important functions.

Thank you
Title: Re: email
Post by: checkoutmonkey on 07-11-19, 01:34PM
Your email address will normally be You’ll have to be added on to F11 by an administrator though. If you have trouble sorting it you can ring Helpdesk on 55999 and go through option 3 for checkouts and they can set you up there
Title: Re: email
Post by: trolleyboy96 on 07-11-19, 07:29PM

Register your details by activating your account then get the f11 admin normally your checkout or services manager to add you to the system.