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Title: Return to work
Post by: LucyJ on 04-10-19, 10:18PM
Hi does anyone know the procedure if you have been off sick and returned to work over a week? No welcome back or anything? Would it be out of review now?
Title: Re: Return to work
Post by: madness on 04-10-19, 11:29PM
Did you phone to say you were coming back and then tell the duty manager on your first shift you were back?
Title: Re: Return to work
Post by: captain on 05-10-19, 05:17AM
A return to work SHOULD be done on the day you return by a manager (usually your manager or duty), it establishes that you are fit to return and you do not need any support.

Absence process, also known as supporting your attendance MUST be commenced within 7 days of your return or it is out of process

If any manager attempts to start this process just say "out of process" and nothing else.
Title: Re: Return to work
Post by: LucyJ on 05-10-19, 07:25AM
Yes, all proper procedures were followed by myself.
Title: Re: Return to work
Post by: Redshoes on 05-10-19, 10:17AM
They should still check in with you but can't do anything now
Title: Re: Return to work
Post by: lucgeo on 05-10-19, 11:04AM
Then leave it be, say nowt, but be aware that should you be off sick again, then this absence should not be calculated into your total absence % as it was out of process.
Title: Re: Return to work
Post by: LucyJ on 05-10-19, 01:38PM
Thanks everyone!🙂
Title: Re: Return to work
Post by: Wandy on 05-10-19, 02:14PM
Yep-out of process
Title: Re: Return to work
Post by: the postman on 06-10-19, 11:25AM
They can still do  welcome back,but because it wasn't completed on the day you returned ,it can't go any further as its not in process.
Also it needs removing from your case map for any future attendance reviews as it can't be used to influence any decisions with warnings.
Title: Re: Return to work
Post by: WhateverTrever on 06-10-19, 02:35PM
In terms of a return to work meeting, they should still check in and complete it in case you need support.
In terms of an Attendance review, with this occasion no action can be taken, as it is the return welcome back out of process, so very unlikely one would be conducted as support is usually planned at the return to work meeting.
With a view to any future absences, I'm afraid unlike others have said the absence occasion still exists, so its % would still be valid to be included if it fell within the 26 week rolling time frame, unless of course your latest absence was due to a reason it is excluded from your %.
Title: Re: Return to work
Post by: lucgeo on 06-10-19, 02:46PM
I have always believed that the % cannot be included in future absences, and as the postman stated it should be removed from the case map.

Indeed, I had it thrown out of many attendance meetings, where they had included an out of process sickness %
Title: Re: Return to work
Post by: forrestgimp on 06-10-19, 04:29PM
My understading is that although they can not use it in the current process it could be included in any subsequent investigations.

I should probably clarify that eh by the looks of things.
Title: Re: Return to work
Post by: NightManager on 07-10-19, 09:40AM
Most of those posts are correct...

The RTW meeting can still be completed as a means of offering any support needed etc

There can be no further action taken as a result of that absence as it’s out of process...but the absence can be taken into account if there are further absences in the next 26 weeks regardless of whether a RTW meeting was’s only the same as if you are off for two shifts and don’t trigger an ARIM it’s still included in further absence calculations...
Title: Re: Return to work
Post by: lucgeo on 08-10-19, 09:29AM
I see what you're saying about two absences coming under the %, and I know that a lot of colleagues play the system, we had one who had the 26 week off to a tee, even we knew when it was due to end, same scenario, week before started feeling unwell, complaining of vague symptoms and the following week off paid sick for a day! That is why they started looking at patterns etc...

But, if the ARM has gone out of process, it becomes void, so that void should not be included, otherwise it's just like overriding it through the back door?? What's the point of having the policy, which states no further action due to out of process, to then be included at a later stage, which then becomes further action??
Title: Re: Return to work
Post by: the postman on 08-10-19, 09:47AM
You can't use it,if it went to dismissal it would be thrown out.
It's not the responsibility of the employees to ensure process is followed..only the parts such as calling in etc.
Problem is now is that pm and compliance are gone so tons of experience was lost with SYA.
I was compliance before redundancy and I had to deal with many cases like this as a rep for cases where process wasn't followed.
Title: Re: Return to work
Post by: NightManager on 09-10-19, 05:54PM
You wouldn’t include the ARIM, and like I said, it would only be completed if it had been missed as a way of offering any support etc.

But...if they colleague was absent again then that absence would still be included if it was within the 26 week period...missing the RTW meeting or ARIM does not mean that the absence is wiped from their absence history...
Title: Re: Return to work
Post by: Redshoes on 10-10-19, 08:23AM
A domestic absence is excluded as you can't be punished twice, as domestic is unpaid it can be taken as holiday, work time back or unpaid.
Following on from this, if no return to work has been completed the colleague has not had the chance to say if fit for work or off due to mitigating circumstances. As this has not happened it should go into the absence and then be taken out as if it is mitigating.
If you have rung in saying its a cold and are off sick, this can change. If it's a private problem you may need the welcome back to talk things over with your manager and were not ready or willing to talk to duty when you rang so just said cold.
If you go to AR later with another absence your absence for 26 weeks should be looked at. Your manager should look back through your file over the past 26 weeks. Your percentage should be reduced because of this but the three absences and three percent are only a guide now. You can trigger an AR with less than this and likewise not if a great deal over. It's a managers call and an AR should be fact finding and can be called just for this reason. A certain percentage does not automatically mean disciplinary, it's the overall history and patterns that count. Anyone can have a bad six months and if linked and all known about and nothing to be gained from AR then one should not take place. For instance, someone off long term who has had wellness meetings and then support plan would not need AR as all documented and nothing to be gained.