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Title: DP Pension
Post by: Bronkone7 on 07-08-19, 07:27PM
As Pensions are too complicated for me,can anyone tell me what’s happened to the Pension I paid between 2008 & 2015. Has it been put aside for when I retire. :)  Thanks for any help.
Title: Re: DP Pension
Post by: Nomad on 07-08-19, 07:32PM
As a supporter you are able to use the "Search" facility, enter the word search and select topic subject only, lots of threads on the subject of pensions.
Title: Re: DP Pension
Post by: his scots tie on 07-08-19, 09:27PM
You can take your pension anytime from age 55.
Title: Re: DP Pension
Post by: Baker1961 on 08-08-19, 11:30AM
Yes its yours, it's a fixed income pension called a defined benefit, you can check how much is in it by ringing the pension line in our tesco I think it's in,  or the colleague room the new pension is with Legal and General and is defined contributions pension.
Title: Re: DP Pension
Post by: tomsawyer on 09-08-19, 02:16PM

The benefit you have under the old scheme will be based on your period of membership and earnings at the time the scheme ended. This is your basic entitlement which will have a level of inflation proofing added each year from the date the old plan ended up to when you retire.

We used to get details with our annual benefits flyer, but I haven't seen it in that for a couple of years.