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Title: Is there anything nowadays right or well done in tesco ?
Post by: NorthWave on 12-02-19, 11:44AM
After all this time working for a employer with no direction or clue about what to do except  destroying lives ( I could say it ), ignoring  alerts, ideas , suggestions , experiences ... but  arrogantly  keeping  TRIALS  as a form to cover they lack of  knowledge and  how to deal with this business  and in reality just trying to justify the absurd payments received for they so creative TRIALS expecting to go away with a comfortable goodbye payment  wishing good Luck for the next one coming in shouldn't  they create  a new department  called  TRIALS ?
Just a suggestion  because what have just improved in this company beyond of TRIALS ?
Title: Re: Is there anything nowadays right or well done in tesco ?
Post by: Hammer10 on 12-02-19, 12:08PM
Yes well done for screwing staff over.
Title: Re: Is there anything nowadays right or well done in tesco ?
Post by: Totot on 12-02-19, 11:54PM
Problem is no skill on retail just hacks and chops.
Cut the cost by 1,5b (in which next door supermarket gain more than this on sales in a year regardless the size is much smaller than tesco) in 3 category that nearly equal, sales operating cost(550m, dc/warehouse(450m) and non selling(500m), but in the end ofcuz dl want to increase profit....that less than 1,5b, and im pretty sure he wont get1,5b increase in profit, that mean market shrinking, probably not by value  but for sure at least by quantity.

Let see sales in uk and roi since  (m)
 2015         2016        2017     2018
 38,228   37,189   37,692   38,650

Let say in price increase from 2015 about 10%(just for the number not actual), real value of 2018 sales will be 34,785m, meanwhile market in uk & roi increasing, and our competitor gain a big chunks of market share every year for the last several years, so you know the retail ability of tesco is decreasing. And with cutting more cost like this, about 550m a year from sales operating cost, that mean so many job will be gone, regardless position, ca, manager, admin etc will be shrink down significantly.

The problem is obvious, dl cannot increase sales with proper profit margin, with that sales number in uk and roi alone, to balance 1,5b cost slash wont be a problem......if he have the ability of a manager that can create a company system, a full retail company system from building asset to after sales, from left hand side of financial statement to the bottom of income/loss statement. Not a cowboy patchy company system that steal small minor operating system without knowing why and how.

Make simple example about stock control from supplier to waste that so hungry of resources, try to modified in so many way, try to copy other supermarket like lazy kid at school doing exam, but never look about purchasing management, budgeting and forecasting stock and sales, cant even calculate between space and stock quantity properly.

So we know what will happened in the future as long as dl or anyone who just like him in charge in this company. My prediction after cut low and cut the middle, it will be the change of contract, make all staff become cheap and easy disposable number. I believe everyone apart from very top group position will get affected in bad way, the questions are when and how many times.
Title: Re: Is there anything nowadays right or well done in tesco ?
Post by: Spaceranger1 on 13-02-19, 08:46AM
How about the Practical Joke Dept. >:D As they are playing around with people's lives and laughing all the way to the bank >:(
Title: Re: Is there anything nowadays right or well done in tesco ?
Post by: whatajoke2019 on 13-02-19, 11:47AM
There are ways of saving money, and simplifying processes, without screwing people over whilst going about it.

Years ago, when loyalty mattered, Clubcard was (perhaps) a great way to say thank you to the people who shopped with us.

Given the recession, the increases in rates, the national minimum wage, and other overheads people are trying to be careful with money and the days of large shopping bills are no longer a reality for a lot of people, I'd assume.

Therefore I really do not get why they don't run a trial of abandoning the scheme and seeing what it does to peoples' shopping habits. I'm no clairvoyant and the initial loss might be noticeable but I bet, in the longer term, it'd have more of a positive impact, because people might see lower prices on the shelves, and more inclined to shop with us?