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Title: Holiday cover
Post by: Sjm on 12-02-19, 04:21AM
I’m a relief trained for a skilled department and I was declined a holiday request due to the other colleague being off at the same time.  Is this right that I shouldn’t be allowed off when it’s not my main department?  I am the only other colleague trained for this in store but just feel it’s unfair and I know holidays are first come first served but it’s literally the only dates my other half can get off and basically that restricts me to 6 weeks out a year I can’t get off of it coincides with their holidays.  Just looking for some advice on how to approach this.
Title: Re: Holiday cover
Post by: Jethro on 12-02-19, 08:07AM
Phone in sick :thumbup:
Title: Re: Holiday cover
Post by: DJL on 12-02-19, 08:33AM
State exactly what you said! It’s not your fault they haven’t multi skilled anybody else to do this role, put a grievance in if they persist.

Is the date soon, can they train somebody up in time?

Your right, not your main dept, so not your concern per se, if you are the only other person trained then that can’t be used against you in tines like this!
Title: Re: Holiday cover
Post by: Munchkin on 14-02-19, 08:06PM
Your holidays should go through your contracted line manager regardless if you work on another department as relief and if you work on two departments contracted holiday is booked with the manger whose department most of your hours are on