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Title: self scan tagged items
Post by: BlueBoo on 12-01-19, 12:29AM
when a customer has a tagged item, do you detag it as soon as they ask you to or do you wait until they've gone to the payment screen?

some dude went mental at a colleague the other day because he wouldn't detag his booze until the payment had gone through due to the amount of walk-offs we get.

just wondered what you guys do & what the policy is if there even is one.
Title: Re: self scan tagged items
Post by: captain on 12-01-19, 05:20AM
Legally until anything is paid for the property is Tesco's so should remain tagged.

Said customer who went mental with member of staff should be barred, but we all know that will never happen.

Personally I get a bit sick and tired of abuse from a tiny percentage of customers with Tesco management doing nothing about it.