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Title: What is the big secret?
Post by: Hotdog1 on 01-01-19, 11:44AM
Hi all -  What is the big secret??
 Both me and my partner work for Tesco and when we ask wage clerks about  explaining the night premiums, the other premiums, extra premiums and any other blooming premiums, they all clam up???
 Its like they are a member of the Wages Masons !!!
 All you get from them is - o, you think your job is hard?'
All I want is someone to tell me how the hell we work out our hourly rate and any premiums?.. Is that too much to ask ?
 Ive had a look on Our Tesco and that's a bit vague as well.
 Just need a spread sheet of how to work it out
 Any one found one ? LOL ;D ;D ;D
Title: Re: What is the big secret?
Post by: 80377494 on 01-01-19, 12:57PM
Night premium is £2.21 per hour and is payable between 12 midnight and 6.00 am. If you work a full 9.00 hour shift with breaks equalling 1.50 hours the company 'assumes' that you take your breaks during the premium hours so you would only be paid 4.50 hours at night premium.
Extra night premium is paid if you work at least 1.00 hour during the premium window and is a one off payment of £2.21 per shift.
Sunday premium is now only time and a quarter so you would only receive an extra £2.11 per hour extra, same with Bank Holidays.
If you are working overtime during these shifts and are paid Night overtime or Sunday overtime the premiums are already included in the payment.
When you are on holiday the premiums are paid in with your holiday pay.